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How Marketing Should Be Done In 2020

Whatever captures her eyes gains notice, whatever captures her ears gets her soft, whatever captures her mind gains attention but whatever captures her heart gains commitment. This is how she, you and every human are wired.

Welcome to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

In business it’s the same trick. We are moved and compelled more by emotions than logic, even to buy. If so, then business should be an art, you should think like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

My advice in 2020 is, be creative with your product and stop trying to sell it.


Whenever you try to sell, you may not hit tangible interest that converts to actual sale. Even worse, the prospect says “I am not interested”, that’s not it. What he actually is saying is “you’re not interesting!”

Well, you’re reading this because it interests you right?

Create interest by looking at what you do from the view of the customer. At that point you’ll find that interest, then you can find or create the market.


Everyone creates a product for their market, but you instead should create a market for your product.  It means you should scan your customer’s mind, see how they think and how they use substitute products,  and then outsmart them with yours. Apple did this when they invented the phone with no QWERTY keypad, and no stylus pen that we most times lose. What I mean is, take the disadvantage of your competitor, and use that to create a smarter product that simply tells a different story. With that story, build a brand (Unique, Consistent and easy to Identify) that can create a conversation. Once that conversation can  create an engagement, and that engagements can create a community (followership), you’ll be fine. Yes, whether life or business, marketing doesn’t work that much anymore, we all hate and avoid marketers. We sometimes don’t even pick their calls. The alternative then is to create a product that hits their emotions. If compelled by emotion, if it has a value they need and you present it in an urgent manner
and it’s a brand, it will sell.

Tell me a fact and i will learn

Tell me a truth and i will believe

But tell me a story, and it willl live in my heart forever – Native American Proverb

All it takes is to create an emotional and exciting product, a brand with value, and then let the brand sell itself.

Remember, a brand that captures your eyes gains notice, a brand that captures your mind gains attention but a brand that captures your heart gains commitments. Think with your heart.

//To be more, do more, learn more!”

Eizu Uwaoma,
© Hexavia!.

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pst ubong Emah January 16, 2016 at 2:48 am

You are really on point.

Cecilia Agu January 19, 2016 at 7:47 am

Awesome writeup. This makes Moore sense to me. I dont need marketers, I need a brand that can sell itself right? S


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