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Where Exactly Is Heaven? -HexavianSundaySeries

Okay, so I was talking to a pretty 22 year old smart female friend of mine who’s a young pilot in one of the private airlines in Nigeria. She says that for an airline to take off a plane, the Standard Operating Procedure in line with physics requires that it goes between 270 km/hr to 600 km/h to take off, just to get off the ground to the clouds, which is a component of the first heaven. And then it hit me, but that’s just one of the three heavens right?


What do I mean?

#ChurchForTheStreetIsBack (it’s a Sunday Series by Hexavia!)

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Well, to be afloat on a plane, it has to be at least on a particular speed, and  see how much work and acceleration has to be done to be there, we have to travel 32 000 feet above sea level to the heavens. But we all know that heaven isn’t where God lives.


My dear, there are three heavens taught in theology school. They are

1. 1st heaven: just above the ground, Atmosphere, troposphere. We all can get here and doesn’t exactly require any special intervention, even a boarding pass can do.


     2. 2nd Heaven: the outer space (it is referred to in geography as the stellar heaven) sun, the moon and the planets.


  1. 3rd Heaven: The home of God (not limited to geography), Now God is everywhere,  but the actual dwelling home of God (Psalm 91:1), right in that realm, we can easily access the presence of God. The third heaven is more of a state than a place.


Now that’s me trying to relate religion with my first university degree in mathematics, science and modern technology. But ironically in science, the deeper you go into engineering way past maths and quantum physics, you’ll meet something called Enlightenment Science. It connects the body, the mind and the soul. This is what is referred to as the Trichotomy of life. To connect all three effortlessly, and for us to have power to maximise our purpose comes a deeper authority that is needed. To have that authority, requires spiritual interventions. And there’s only one true one. As you grow, at a point, you’d realise that the deepest, most ancient science to the heavens still remains yet the surest and consistent way to gain that authority; it remains still, the most effective technology ever made or discovered by man. That technology is called Prayers.


Prayer works. Do you know how to pray, how often do you pray?

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For a lot of people, they don’t believe in it (especially when we think we are logically sound and intellectual). Some do but just give up half way when results are not forthcoming as soon as they desired. For others, they outsource it to some other people (like the management concepts of assembly line production).  For others, in the journey of life,  prayer  becomes a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble. But really, in the vehicle called our world, it shouldn’t be a spare wheel, rather it should  be a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout.  Learn to pray, dwell in the spirit, in His presence and connect the heavens.


Happy Sunday. #ChurchForTheStreets is a HexavianSundaySeries.


Go Further Ahead.

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Kelechukwu Oparaji January 10, 2017 at 5:48 pm

Prayer is key


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