June 21, 2024
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Success, From Hero to Villain

This picture is from this week’s hearing of Facebook’s CEO at the senate. It should be framed in a Museum.

It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at the senate.  Is there any lesson for rising stars?

Well, The cycle of success is summarized in the words of The Joker from Batman’s Dark Knight, “Die a hero or live long enough to be a villain”. It’s like first they  join hands to make you, then they begin to hate you.  This is why most celebrities crash. When you’re up there with no where else to go, where do you go?

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Typical of a market leader with so much BCG Market Share over Market Growth dominance. The world is designed to attack the cowboy on the hill and to favor the underdog, classic David and Goliath. The problem with being number one with traits of total market dominance is that your competitor ends up becoming the government itself. And then even the people join in.  Still, my advice, don’t let someone dim your light because it is shinning in their eyes, just change focus to distract them.

This is why Re-inventing yourself is key.

When you are your industry’s number 1, apply meiosis, break yourself into cells before division does ( usually either through your own scandals or hate; none of us is void of both).  Usually, at that point, by Economy of scale, brand equity and market share, you’re too big to not be noticed plus by the 123 BCG Rule I shared yesterday, you own  double market share of the number two firms and three times that of the rest of the market.  I’d like to say, to stay on top there, in the absence of any strong competition, attack yourself.  Yes, attack yourself. In the words of Vadim Kotelnikov, “Average ones compete with others. Great ones compete with themselves”. This may be your brand introducing products better than your existing ones with a different name and company, or creating better allies to pre-empt similar moves by the competitor.

Also in dealing with scandals, as you grow higher, social skill becomes more important than anything else. Learn to network right and be calm in the face of adversary.

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