June 21, 2024
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Your Higher Calling to Extraordinary

Once upon a time, we were all born to be supernatural and extraordinary, but many of us just downgraded along the way to become human.

You are more awesome than an average human. You are Hexavian!

Your role is to not just have a subsistent business or a job and then work your life away, you are to not just walk around earth, but to dent it and leave footprints that generations after can testify that you were here. You are to make your purpose and creator proud. And that you made the world a better place than you met it .

The system may try to stop you or to promote that you should ONLY just fit in it.

It started once upon a time, when 3 powerful structures were created by the system. They are School, Religion and Government.

Think about the fear of failing any of their rules.
School – Exam failure!

I like and I’m a beneficiary of all three but in the right dosage. But Africa has been over drugged and it is now a victim.

Africans are backward because of the excessive exploration of  these three, they all create control and in turn kill independence in thinking. As a matter of fact, they tell you to live inside of the world they’ve made you believe and your role is to live in it and  try not to move away or bash it. If you do, you’d be called a misfit. But only misfits change the world.

CLUE : everything around you, what you live as life, what you enjoy and hate is made possible by people who are not exactly smarter than you. They are just bigger dreamers and believers, perhaps more strategic, creative, committed and have taken the right but daring steps, especially the ones you have not yet taken.

How big are your dreams?

How committed are you?

An African proverb says that “It is the person who is not hungry that says the coconut has a hard shell”.  You have the ability to crack the code of real greatness. We can pull this off.

Somewhere in Africa, every morning, a GAZELLE wakes up knowing it must OUTRUN the FASTEST LION or it will be KILLED. A LION also WAKES up KNOWING that it must run FASTER than the SLOWEST GAZELLE, or it will STARVE. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the LION or a GAZELLE – when the SUN comes up, you’d BETTER be RUNNING!!!


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Tola January 14, 2019 at 3:58 pm

This is one of my favourite articles on this site. Each time i read it, it resonates thought provoking emotions within me that encourages me to always thrive no matter what.
Thank you for putting this up.


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