June 21, 2024
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How You Can Thrive in this Economy

Today, officially your N500 note becomes as worthless as 1 dollar. (Yes, a dollar is now N500). Happy New Month, and yeah,  “you either adjust how you eat or you get eaten”.

Do you have a plan?

When I ask “how are you”, you “Berra say it like it is”.

Don’t pretend or fake it.

Same as when I ask you “so what’s your plan for this  February?”

I hope you have one, or are you going to front like you do if you don’t. Someone once told me that  “as most women fake orgasm, so do most men fake intelligence, power and finance!”.  When things are done right, no one really has to fake anything, either one.

Don’t continue doing things wrong this new month. Over the years, “Some of us did spend money we didn’t have to oppress people we didn’t like and impress people who really did’t care.”

Wake up.

As a country gets tougher, the people gets smarter. In line with Porter’s 5 Forces, Hertzberg and Maslow’s theories as well as the balanced score cards taught in MBA,  this month will be fruitful but expect that your employer or customers will begin to demand justification for what they normally pay since they have less funds and more options from other people, expect that competition will be fierce. Differentiation is key.  Brand, deep/spiritual and mental engagement is also key (talking “with” and not talking “to” your market/source). Understand the tides. This February is nothing but a dinner table. So you need to learn how you can eat or get eaten, you are either on the table or on the menu #DependingOnHowYouEngageThings

I and my community of clients, alumni and business people “ain’t scared”. Some of us have it figured out, better align, engage and stay tuned with us this month on HBC and Hexavia where none of us will be as smart as all of us. #synergy

Life is like chess, the best way to learn how to play smart is to play with people who are smarter. #WeAreHexavia

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