June 21, 2024
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The Power of Perspective and Perception

This photo below went viral some time ago.

The Power of Perception and Pespective
The Power of Perception and Perspective

It’s a dog that foolishly chased an eagle past the ground to a cliff. The dog will probably fall off the cliff and die. Too bad, it’s the norm, the lesson was, stay on your turf, the one you’ve mastered, right? Well, wrong!

What if that perception is incomplete, what if the dog saw or knows something else?

As a non-conformist and innovator, what if I say, “go above your boundary, for when you challenge yourself, sometimes through fierce competition, you may be shocked at the other things you may find”. Interesting argument based on perceptions.
Here’s the other half of the picture.

The Power of Perception and Perspective
The Power of Perspective and Perception.

There’s so much danger in a single story, as against The Power of Perspective and Perception.

Perception (What I See)
Perspective (How I See)
Paradigm (The Shift)
Hold on I will explain….
In simulation for a better vision, to create a Paradigm, you either adjust Perception or Perspective!
I’m not done yet.
In life or business, the gap between Perception and Perspective explains where you are.
It’s called Mentality!
I travel a lot, selling business solutions through an intellectually driven enterprise revolution. And in this trade, I see two kinds of people in this recession, the first kind refers to those with the thinking “I can’t afford it” versus people who ask, “how can I afford it”.
The latter is a go-getter!
My dear, how you think explains who you are, where you are and where you are going to.


Some people just give up when things seem not to be within their reach..

Once upon a time, two salesmen were sent to sell shoes in a strange town. The first salesman, upon arrival, was shocked to realize that no one wore shoes. Immediately, he sent a message to his home office, “I will return home tomorrow. No one wears shoes here”.

The second salesman was thrilled by the same realization.
Immediately, he messaged the home office saying, “Please send me more shoes. Everyone here needs them”.

There are people who don’t see possibilities and opportunities, even if it were in front of them. People with sight, but more blind, no vision!

Your mind is elastic!
Everything in life, whether projects or success is created twice, first mentally, then physically.
To change your world, change your mentality.


Expand your horizon, your mentality, your circle of influence. Be the best you can be.
Do have a productive week.

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