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Beyond Recession, The 4th Revolution


I am very sorry and afraid. It’s the beginning of the month and I’ve upwardly reviewed some of my key colleague’s salary at Hexavia. It means some will be paid more while other companies are downsizing. I’m excited to share it. I told someone and his first response was “Eh, in this recession, you are increasing salaries?”.


I am very sorry and afraid. I am afraid that while a drastic change happened as the world moved from the third revolution to the new fourth, Nigeria was busy being distracted by the talk on recession.

Can’t you see that there’s something happening everywhere else?

I’m sorry I’m still not talking recession. I am talking beyond it. What next?

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Let me shock you, as of yesterday’s date, here are the top 6 growing economies in Africa, 6.Rwanda, 5.Tanzania, 4.Mozambique, 3.Cote’diVore, 2.DR Congo and 1.Ethiopia. Guess what is shocking more, 4 out of the 6 countries listed were not only in recession, but they were at the most brutal wars just less than 20 years ago.

In Nigeria here, there’s massive progress amongst a select few. You may not see it, because you’re busy shouting recession like most people are.


In the last 5 months, I’ve met people who have stopped thinking, so they’ve become poorer with what seems as an acceptable excuse, recession. Please get up let’s talk!!!

While we entered a recession, the world entered a revolution. Do you even know what is happening? Scientifically a generation is an average of 25.5 years. So, it’s the 4th in 100 years. The 4th revolution is what is actually causing our recession. There’s an explosion on critical thinking. We still spend in currency while the world has started spending data. We are busy trying to export crude oil to a world that needs less of it as it has started importing something else from somewhere else. The new currency is data and the new resources are human resources, the limitlessness of a powerful and disciplined mind driven by laws, processes and technology.


We’ve moved from Mechanical to Electrical to electronic, new men and companies, the likes of Google and Tesla are out sitting Fortune 100s. The world has passed computers into Biotechnology, 3D printing, NeuroLinguistic Enlightenment and NanoTechnology (zooming to the power of 1 billion at that point you can alter space, time, forms and functionality), and the internet of things, someday we will download food.


Intelligence from data is the future. Do you know that Facebook photos facial recognition feature is 40 times more accurate than you? The mind is a powerful place if you upgrade to using 10 percent of yours. We haven’t invested a lot on these. We are still talking tribalism and oil in Nigeria.

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