June 21, 2024
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So You Threw The Party and Nobody Showed Up? Here’s Why

“Reasons why you are not attracting the attention of your customers for your business”

First of all I am sorry you had to spend a lot of time, energy and resources putting that party together and no one showed up at least the people you anticipated. But hey! this kinda thing happens a lot right? At least it does a lot of times in business

@sethgodin says “Don’t find products for your customers, find customers for your products” I totally agree because often times we miss the most important values in business(Customer service/customer satisfaction/customer experience) which removes the first step in the business equation(creating a product for your market not the other way around)

Your revenue is completely dependent on people actually wanting what you offer why? because customers buy for their own reasons not yours.

The best approach is to create products and services around those reason. Carrying out a market research would help you figure out what people want or need before going the whole 9 yards and still not having anyone show up for that glamorous party. Ouch!! That would hurt and there would be no way to get your money back. In finance we call it sunk cost.

And to the Nuns maybe if they had a catchy phrase like “Come and find out what the new sexy is” that would have brought people to their party than hey it’s all about abstinence people! come on, come all!

So now you know? Let’s throw that party again

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