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Slaps, Life and Service: Hexavian Sunday Series

A hot slap always followed me whenever I said “daddy, I don’t want to go to church”. That routine was a constant. And if you didn’t go to service on Sunday, you won’t go to school on Monday, (even if you had an exam). My father had something up his sleeves, same way I had mine. Now you understand why I stayed off church for over 5 years once I was free from my father’s house. #ChurchForTheStreets is back #HexavianSundaySeries

Don’t force your kids to know God. I think that religion should be optional but create enabling environment for the truth to be found. My mom was more liberal. She had a weirder version of faith. All she did was sleep in church at times, praying for us. I believe that was a more effective way and how I found myself here, back to Him.


Question: What’s the big deal about going for church service. I hate routine, why is it even called service? 
Answer : Well because for a good engine to keep working optimally, it needs servicing, it’s a ritual, a routine you must do. Service.



My colleague at Hexavia, Olaolu wrote on article I can summarize as “The bonfire principle”, which states that to keep the fire burning there has to be fresh supply of wood.



Like it is shown in Nollywood movies, once you step your foot in an oracle and he gives you success, you have to keep sacrificing for that oracle. So it is in anything else.
To keep that success, it requires certain level of predefined routines you have to develop. It’s an equivalent of a ritual. For some of us, it’s reading, praying, giving, making affirmations, mentoring, meditating on a weekly fast or just outrightly doing an equivalent of a mental trance, having yoga and exercises or regular meet up with mentors. You have to find your own ritual.
There are things you have to do on a regular to stay on top of your game, sadly, they should be unending.


Same way a cult/ herbalist requires a regular servicing of what the gods have given its members through a ritual and sacrifice is the same way a Sunday thanksgiving and church attendance is called a service. This things are like servicing your car so it can perform optimally and last longer. It has to be regular and as of when due. Different stories; same concept. You have to always come for service.




Every great person has a routine, similar to a ritual. Life is all about “Servicing and Growing”.

Steven Covey in his book , introduced a similar concept, he called it the P/PC. I would rather call it the Productivity/Productivity Index, P/PC. It is a formula. It is pretty straight, where P=Production and PC =Production Capacity.
This is better illustrated through the story of the golden goose and the golden egg (an equivalent of the wood and fire concept Olaolu illustrated). The stories isn’t mine but it goes like this:


A struggling farmer finds an egg made of pure gold in the nest of his goose. He thinks it is some kind of joke, then gets it appraised and discovers that the golden egg is for real. The goose lays one of those golden eggs every day, which should be enough for the farmer to live a great life. He indeed becomes rich because of those golden eggs

But even though he is now rich, it is not enough for the farmer. He wants more, and getting that once-a-day egg is not enough. So, convinced that there must be a literal goldmine inside the goose, he kills it and slices it up to get all the golden eggs at once time. Only thing is, he finds out that there is no golden eggs inside the goose, and now that he has killed the goose, he will not be getting anymore. So thanks to greed, he killed the thing that made him rich.


Defining P/PC balance
Covey uses this tale to illustrate the P/PC effectiveness equation. People think that “the more you produce, the more you do, the more effective you are,” Covey writes. But he notes that “true effectiveness” is really due to two things – what is actually produced (the golden eggs), and the thing that produces it (the goose). It is critical to have a P/PC balance. P is for production, and PC is for production capability.
So you can stay up all night, every night, to get your work done. But at a certain point, after you increase production, the production capability – you – will face diminishing returns, as you production capacity fades due to a lack of sleep.
If you have a car, and take care of it with regular maintenance, oil changes, and tire rotation, you are helping the PC – production capability — in order to keep the P – production – going smoothly. If you do not do that, you may save a little money on maintenance in the short-term, but you will lose in the long-term because your car will not run as smoothly, and will break down more frequently.
That is a great metaphor for having a good P/PC balance in whatever you do. There are various ways to keep your personal P/PC balance good – regular exercise, visiting a life /business coach, dieting, relaxation techniques and yes GOING FOR SERVICE (depending on what religion you belong to), could keep you on an even higher productivity level.


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