June 20, 2024
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Battle Fields and The Power of Effective Communication 

The Power of Effective Communication
If I was to throw you in a room of 50 CEOs, for 50 minutes, how many complimentary cards will you give and how many can you receive before your the 50minute stop watch stops ?

How would you charm them to believe that they need you more than they need everyone else including their phone chargers?
It doesn’t matter what you do, Oga “busy bee”, Activity is not productivity. If you don’t know how to productively communicate and engage people you are just running on a thread mill.
As a CEO, I discovered that my role is actually that of a CCO, Chief Communications Officer. So I started investing so much in it. We have started an internal process of automating and outsourcing every part of Hexavia except passion and communication. In my years of business, I have come to the conclusion that in our lives, family, organization or business, it’s always less than 20 percent of our entire activities that brings 80 percent of the results. Mine is communication. Most people actually haven’t realized that. Your role is to realize yours. And then communicate that 20percent with charm, aura and drive.
How long can you keep someone interested, for “if they are not interested, then you’re not interesting!”
Can you predict the inscription on your tombstone?
How would you want to be remembered for?

You fell asleep in church, your pastor says it’s the devil. Well, he used 50,000 boring words for one simple message, that’s why. But Lincoln used just 272 words at Gettysburg address. It took just 4 minutes, it changed the world and set the tone of America for a whole century till today.
History has it that Adolf Hitler was such a great communicator, when he spoke, men cried, women had orgasm and soldiers became ready to lay their lives. That’s why he could create a world war.
******Let me tell you a quick story of the power of being charming and passionate. It’s a story of the biggest disruptors in Nigeria’s political history, Nzeogwu, the coup plotter of the bloody 1966 take over********
_ It was oratory, courage and great communication skill that got Major Nzeogwu to rise fast into being made an instructor of the Nigerian Military training college. After Igbos were consistently massacred in foreign land, it was his passion and communication that made him a leader in the 1966 coup that killed two Premiers of Northern and Western Nigeria, Prime Minister, a federal minister, two regional premiers, and top Army officers from the Northern and Western regions of the nation who were all brutally murdered by the gang._ till today, there is that stamp and message that Igbo’s are stand ups.

When the Biafran war broke out and he took sides with his home, what history doesn’t quite spotlight is that Nzeogwu was admired and feared in equal measure as Ojukwu. Obviously they both didn’t quite get along too well. They both had charm and were great communicators. He was admired for his intelligence, oratory, warmth and charm. He was feared because of his suicidal courage. Junior Biafran foot soldiers were reluctant to be conscripted by Nzeogwu. Conscription by Nzeogwu meant being taken to the front line and faced with grave danger. But he always led them there and stayed with them till death. Whether as a good or bad example, that’s leadership. As a great communicator , when he spoke, the troops got inspired and energetic to go above their limits. Now, that is the summary of leadership. At every point Nzeogwu was brave enough to cross behind enemy lines, carry out reconnaissance and engage the federal army in close quarter combat. He may not have been a success, but he was a leader, sometimes the goal is more important than the score. In late July 1967, his courage took him a step too far some would say.

My point is, “drive and communication is powerful “. It’s what I have mastered. You also can.

© Eizu Uwaoma.

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