June 14, 2024
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Letter To The Government : “Moving Forward In a Backward Economy”

I hate to engage in the ranting of Nigeria’s problem online. I rarely write about things like this. For a lot of people, it can easily pass for a  jamboree for attention. That’s why media giants, people like Ben Bruce can easily be seen through as having a good time being popular for 2019 by being a custodian of common sense and in between displaying unverifiable claims mixed with contradictions. Not every step is a movement to somewhere, it can be a tread mill or even a dance.Two steps forward, three steps back.

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To confront the brutal fact is to realize that a major part of the problem is still the government. Clearly, the last government was a disaster but this current president is honest but didn’t come in ready and equipped with solutions and his socio-political and even tribalistic body language limits his ability to invite the right people. Take for example; real common sense everyone knows is to re-strengthen our Naira at this point, we have to #buyNaija. It’s not rocket science, but the “how” lingers. it’ll take a government campaign to initiate that spark for Made in Nigeria products.

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People won’t just wake up one morning and begin to trade their Benz for Innoson cars, or their Kellog’s Frosties for Nasco Corn Flakes. People won’t just wake up all of a sudden and then start clamouring to buy Nigerian products (truth be told, most times, our products are substandard and badly package and branded because control agencies like Servicom and SON even needs standardization and have been compromised starting with even how appointments are made right down to a league of mediocrity that has baptized its corporate culture and mentality).


There has been no exchange of knowledge to prepare us for home made production neither has innovation been promoted by bringing the right people in, the wrong people out. For some of us, till everyone has sincerity of purpose, we will keep mastering personally, how to move forward in a backward nation and government. I am Eizu. I’ve spent the last 10 years interacting with hundreds of small businesses. I have also consulted in the highest levels and for the sake of this context, for both BOI and CBN and I have details of what others might not know.


Those institutions can be better, but they do not promote the best minds to shine, especially when they appear smart, young or ambitious. They all have that “carry my bag or wait for your time” mentality. And that is inspired by “we are now in power, every other person who can help should please stand by, even if you can help” syndrome.

Trust me. We say, Nigeria imports Toothpick, I say, how many institutions, enabling environment, international exchange mentorship program (for real world class knowledge transfer) and factories for toothpick before now did the government try to support in its set up.

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One of the government’s roles is to ensure that the right systems, the right processes and the people champion a cause. Dora did with NAFDAC, EL-Rufai did with FCT, Ribadu did with EFCC, Soludo did with CBN. We need Champions. I hope people like Fashola and Kachikwu survives this tenure and is allowed to shine and not get overwhelmed by the level of decay and the amount of frustration even his colleagues and those they report to will be ready to supply.


One of those causes is to promote local patronage and local content. But even the so called President patronises more of foreign media when he wants to talk and while at it shows off his inability to present his people in the correct light. We hear him more when away than when in Nigeria so what are we exactly talking about? The truth is, we are in this together, let’s help if we can, but everyone has to admit and be open to help, and including the current government led by obsoletes. Nigeria needs help.


Go further ahead.. Hexavia!

Written By Eizu Uwaoma, 
© Hexavia!.

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About Eizu Uwaoma

Eizu Uwaoma is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Through his weekly features nationwide on radio, he connects with more than 5 million professionals, personally interacting with over 500 top executives & has intervened in over 50 businesses. He has a proficient gift, skill and experience in enterprise development. He is an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy.

He runs the Decoded, a monthly hangout for professionals in all major Nigerian cities facilitates at the Hexavian Masterclass and is the founder of the Hexavian Business Club.


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