June 21, 2024
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The Future Is Not In Front Of You. It’s Inside Of You.

As you step out this new day,  bear in mind that the future is not in front of you, but inside of you!
The fate of our future is in today’s choices and actions. Don’t let your watch fool you, there’s no time. From the deepest understanding of chronology, there’s no such thing as time or the future.

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The real future is not a place in time, it’s everything you were created to do but haven’t done. It is all you can be but haven’t yet become.

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This week, let’s draw closer. You can’t be in my connection on Linkedin and we won’t rub off on each other for accelerated growth. I want to know how I can be of help to you. Also, look at every situation and person around you with this same central thought in your head, “How can I be of help?”.

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In line with this, we will like us all to be more in touch this week, feel free to share your business challenges either here or direct message me or any member of our team.

This week, borrow our motto, “Go Further Ahead”. Do more with sophistication that finding your replacement at what you do will be too costly. Show excellence, follow through and dominion with what you do. Do whatever your hand touches so well as if God was right in front of you, watching you… #GoodMorning.
And hey, if we’ve ever added value to you, don’t forget to “share this”, talk to someone about Hexavia or refer someone who needs growth to our classes so they can join the #HBC community and revolution. Let’s build a richer, bigger and more valuable network for “none of us is as smart as all of us”.


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About Eizu Uwaoma

Eizu Uwaoma is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Through his weekly features nationwide on radio, he connects with more than 5 million professionals, personally interacting with over 500 top executives & has intervened in over 50 businesses. He has a proficient gift, skill and experience in enterprise development. He is an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy.

He runs the Decoded, a monthly hangout for professionals in all major Nigerian cities facilitates at the Hexavian Masterclass and is the founder of the Hexavian Business Club.

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