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Congratulations and welcome to 2019! We are in this together. As part of my contribution to your growth, here are 21 Laws to help you have a greater year. © Eizu


LAW OF PURPOSE                           As 2019 starts, take some time out to play back what you’ve achieved last year,  then as a progression write down and memorize what you want for 2019. If you don’t know and define where you are going, then everywhere you get to would look like it. In 2019 – START RIGHT, CHART YOUR COURSE.

Application: create a central theme for this year. And then make a mind map using the Be>Do>Have Triads Of Manifestation concept (I mean define the things to Be, what to Do and have) to make each Wheel Of Life better, Say 1.Family :Things you want to be,  broken down into sets of things to do and have. You can loop the same process for 2.Spirituality 3.Health 4.Business 5.Finance 6.Socials etc.



THE LAW OF VISION                        In 2019, if you’d be limited, it will not be by your abilities, but by – YOUR VISION. Have a big picture of what you want at the end of 2019 before it even starts and ensure that there is a progressive realization of each of those set goals. It’s vital that you do this.

Practical Applications and Tips: Create a vision board. Collect items and assets you wish to have, people you wish to be like, cut out the images and attach them to the vision board. Keep them in a place you access often maybe by your mirror, wardrobe, work desk etc. It constantly reminds you of all you need be while creating a supernatural and metaphysical magnet that draws them closer to your reality. This is inline with the faith movement and the laws of attraction.



THE LAW OF KNOWLEDGE               As 2018 ends the legendary Mayan age with the beginning of a new age powered by the powers of knowledge, 2019 holds massive growth for those who know. To grow more, to do more – LEARN MORE.

Practical Applications and Tips: Have a PDP  (an accronym for Personal Development Plan). It may be getting a set of mentors and mentees, (to learn and in turn teach). It may be joining a book club, having one more degree, attending any of the Hexavian masterclasses, Breakfast with Eizu series or engaging Hexavia in a retreat or strategy session for your team, it may even be reading more books, traveling more etc



THE LAW OF BRANDING             Define who you want to be, and how you want to bed seen next year. Please understand that the only thing more important than what you’d be doing or selling in 2019 is what the buyer believes he is buying – BE BRANDED.

Practical Applications and Tips : Take your online representation serious. Be intentional. Have a theme for your social media, create a logo, website, theme colour for your self. Define what you believe in and what you want to contribute to the world and begin to blog about it. Let people know you for something.



THE LAW OF CHARACTER                Be firm. Do not overvalue what you are not and undervalue what you are as well as what you do. In 2019, we will become what we have repeatedly done – CHARACTER

Practical Applications and Tips : Make a list of things you’d never do. Hang around people who are more credible. Choose to be truthful and honest in all situations with your mind made up to accept and enjoy the sacrifices and results that come from it. Make a list of people you know with integrity and then draw closer to them. They’d rub off on you. Cut off two faced people. Take your religion more seriously.



THE LAW OF VALUE AND RESULTS   In 2019, please don’t be a busy bee like you’ve always been. In the past, you may have worked hard, now it’s time to work smart. Look at the value chains of your life; recognize the things that have added the most value and things that have wasted your time. And then from this, know what to start, what to stop and what to keep doing. In our pursuit for wealth, value is the currency. Its glaring that people don’t pay for efforts, they pay for results – in 2019, be result oriented, add VALUE.

Practical Applications and Tips : Wake up every morning with the prayer and mindset to lookout for what to help with and who to help. Complain and judge less. Attempt to be a solution to a problem around you and never a problem to a solution.



2019 is the year of influence, the year of people. It is that year that the relationships you have built in the past years would come to play. My advice is that you know and stick with the right people. In 2019, how you NETwork will determine your NETworth. Begin to use your built connections and goodwill. And if you don’t have enough of that, then begin to build one. Remember, PEOPLE – are the greatest assets for 2019, invest in them.

Practical Applications and Tips : Create an inner circle. Have a mastermind group. Join a religious cell. Be more involved with your community, volunteer for social work. Learn to be more assertive. Control and be more in charge of your physical and mental space while also listening more.



Go across boundaries. When we all think alike, then no one is thinking -BE CREATIVELY DIFFERENT in 2019. Think out of the box, as a matter of fact, think like there’s no box.

Practical Applications and Tips : Find out the places and time of the day that stimulates your creative juices. Then stay there more. Leverage on the power of 4AM. Have a jotter or a notepad app close by. Be open to everything and attached to nothing. Share ideas, after all, that’s what they are for.



I’m afraid that in 2019, there’s only one way to succeed, sacrifice! People who have an edge are those who have made sacrifices or have started making them. To go up, choose something hard to give up – you may need to DENY TODAY’S DESIRES, TO ACHIEVE TOMORROW’S DREAM.

Practical Applications and Tips: Take up more responsibilities!



Take out your fears and then take off to your dreams. Ships are safe at bay, but that’s not why there were made. Eagles learn to fly by jumping off the sky. In 2019,  only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far it is possible to go!

Practical Applications and Tips : Be open to everything and attached to nothing. Face your fears.



THE LAW OF INNOVATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY                                   If what you’ve done in the last years still looks big to you, then you haven’t done much this year. If your process, lifestyle and pattern don’t make things better, safer, simpler, work faster and life easier, then it’s not it – REPLACE IT.

Practical Applications and Tips : hang around younger people more.



You are expected to grow daily, not in a day – KAIZEN. Always look for 3 things at every point in your life, what to START, what to STOP and what to keep DOING.

Practical Applications and Tips Have personal rituals and routines. Define them, with predefined cycles.. Do them. Try not to break them. Also, never pass on a defect, irrespective of who initiated it or who is responsible for it.



THE LAW OF MANAGEMENT              In whatever you do in 2019, be consistent.  Follow through. Also, create a professionally structured mode of operation and control. – have a FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE for what you do.

Practical Applications and Tips : read management books. Join an institute of your choice. Start an MBA. But more practically, volunteer or have an internship (even if you are not paid) with an industry or work of your interest. Try to be a consultant; managing a series of projects, end to end, back to back.



Be close to the greater ones you know for their lives and success stories hold templates to where you need to be. Get a mentor or get closer to the one you already have. Follow the steps of great leaders and successful people before you.

Practical Applications and Tips : Volunteer to lead a pack. Know the way, go the way and more importantly show the way.



Sell yourself to the world in 2019. Let them know you and what you can offer. In marketing, positioning is everything – create the right PERCEPTION for yourself in 2019

Practical Applications and Tips: Try to sell something today. And then try it again tomorrow. And then everyday.



Don’t give up for 2019 is a much better year. If you do what you need to do and then try your best one more time, you’d succeed this time around. Perseverance is trying 19 times and succeeding the 20th. Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. Its 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.. – In 2019, be in STEADY DETERMINATION

Practical Applications and Tip: Practice.  Grit. Do you remember that time you thought you couldn’t survive? Well you did and you can do it again. Stay long enough at whatever you are on, starting from reading this entire article again when you are done. You’d immediately discover what happens when you focus deeper.



Have an attitude for excellence in 2019 and let it show. Have an attitude, the result of always striving to do better – ASPIRE TO BE OUTSTANDING



Create your own niche in 2019. For what you do, strategically find and map out the people that need what you have to offer and you’ve found the business and product to succeed.



Learn how to make and stack up your gains this year. Be more financially intelligent. Pay attention to the battle between your earning power and your spending culture. Ensure that you don’t spend more than you earn, And as for earning, maybe now is the best time to create another channel of income else just find the best ways to begin to add more value, more profitably. This year differentiate between business and favors. In whatever you do, if it’s not for free, then…MAKE WORTHY THE FEE.



THE LAW OF GENEROSITY            The truth is, it’s another year and we are not getting any younger. It’s a New Year means that we have one more year less to live. As we grow older, great people realize that a good life and success comes from not how much we can take but how much we can give. Maybe this year is the best time to see what you can also begin to give back to life and others. As we grow older, what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains – SHARE MORE IN 2019.


THE LAW OF LEGACY                       As we grow older, understand that the true test of whatever you are building is succession. The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. In 2019, be a deeper and more matured person. Begin to take more seriously, the things that matter, legacy. BEGIN TO LIVE TO BE REMEMBERED FOR GOOD


Have a great 2019.

©Uwaoma EIzu

Inspired by the book “Hexavian Laws of Business” ©Uwaoma EIzu.


We are Hexavia.
Best regards,
Eizu Uwaoma,
for The Hexavian Team

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