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How To Make Money (Part 1)

Let’s talk money for once, or should we just front like it isn’t important to you?

Do you know that Love and Money is just next to oxygen in the   “Must have” list of life. Even with love they say “a loving and successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. And a successful woman is one who can find such a man.”

I once asked a female friend of mine what is the most adorable statement a man can make to her.  And she said that it is “baby, send me your account number “…lol

What does it even take to make a lot of it? #TroubleShootThursday

Well, I woke up looking at a Forbes Magazine and the Forbes list shows that there are only 1,400 billionaires (in dollars) out of 7 billion people in the world. This got me thinking, what is the rest of us doing on earth?

Well, the rest of us came into the rivers of wealth with a tea spoon instead of a truck load of bucket. Our capacity doesn’t add up our potentials. The rest of us are helping the rich get richer as long as we consume more value than we produce in the absence of seeing the big picture to scale up our capacity and God approves of it.

According to Harvard, that theory is called “The Mathew Effect”, its actually a biblical principle that explains why the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer.  For the lack of our vision and innovation we move from producers to consumers and by econometrics, wealth is created by dividing it from the have nots to the haves.  God is aware with a nod. To back that up, see Mathew 25: 29

“For unto everyone that has, it shall be given that he may have abundance. But for him that have not, shall be taken away, even that which he has”. 

This isn’t a money talk but my dear, money is a faithful “messenger” that “answereth all things”.  But the reality is, in every generation, 80 percent of the world’s wealth is always controlled by less than 20 percent of the people. And then 80 percent of the world works aimlessly just to get by (pay fees, rent, feed etc) for the 20 percent who will become wealthy. The latter isn’t the best way to live life. We all need to learn how to cross over from the 80 to the 20s of the Pareto’s chart.

Activity is not productivity. In our lives, family, organization or business, it’s always less than 20 percent of our activities that brings 80 percent of the results.

Find out the 20 percent of what you do that adds value and concentrate on it. This is all it takes to be among the top 20percent. And our work is to create a community for them..  #HBC

Read the Part 2 of this series https://hbc.org.ng/2017/02/13/how-to-make-money-part-2/

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