July 21, 2024
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Leadership, People and Your Sustainable Growth

Leadership, being organised and quality of people around you are keys to the sustainable growth of your dream.

Take serious the quality of people that work with you. Don’t compensate people with your production center. You are not our federal government.No sentiments, You are not under any obligation to manage or keep mediocre, since the Per Capital Income (P.C.I.) and other macro economics variables shows we have one of the world’s cheapest labor, HIRE SLOWLY, FIRE SWIFTLY. Don’t compromise on choices revolving around your own growth, LEAD RIGHT.

The truth is, if you are a leader on a journey and no one is really following you, then you are only taking a walk. But the quality of people walking with you is perhaps more important. They’d help you grow the organisation.

So for the right people to follow you enough to grow a good organisation, there are principles and styles to it. And if you follow them, those people will follow you.

There are 4 leadership styles (directive and non directive)

1.TELLING: Directive/dictatorial/autocratic

2. SELLING: Directive, persuasive, oratory in delivery, still no enough room for follower input in decision making,

3. COLLABORATING: Democratic (bear in mind that the wrong or misinformed people in a group when given the power to always choose will democratically make the wrong choice).

4. EMPOWERING: Allows the followers take decisions themselves. It’s called Management By Objectives. This is apt when you have disciplined high flyers.

None of them is clear cut better, depending on the situation, mentality of the team, the culture/state of the minds within and level of maturity of the organisation.

But the following must be present as you lead people into being right for the organisation to grow:

  1. VISION: Ensure you appear and communicate as a sound visionary, people buy into the leader first and then the vision.

2. SPEAK and COMMUNICATE eloquently with clarity and passion from a place of authority. People usually tend to follow people who they feel is deeper and stronger than them. Stand on solid grounds, or at least appear that way.

3. RESPECT YOURSELF and then OTHERS: People naturally follow people they respect.

4. INTUITION: Be deep enough to discern. Practice till you master meditation. Everything is created first from the mind. And the mind draws from the spirit. Be spiritually intelligent.

5. DEVELOP MAGNETISM FOR THE BEST. You attract your kinds. And while at it, give value, show empathy and connection (touch a heart, before you touch a hand).

6. DEVELOP AND MENTOR PEOPLE. And then have a nested  inner circle from differing circle to spar on all levels.

Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of help.

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