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Does God Really Exist? #ChurchForTheStreets, #HexavianSundaySeries

I don’t think God exists.., he said. It’s either God made man or man made God, as an idea. I respect people’s view, and it doesn’t mean I agree.

This one was very intelligent. And with the last puff of marijuana and Vodka, he looked at me and said, “ Eizu, I don’t believe your God exists. If God loves me and answers prayers, then He should hear my daily cry, and give me what I ask for? I want to be very successful, but nothing works. I am smart and I try, I feel neglected, except for this (looking at his smoke),” he said. I’ve been in situations where my prayers weren’t answered too. So my answer to him was simple as this:

Well, if you have a 7 year old son you love so much. You’ve willed everything to him, so he owns your inheritance, including this dangerously fast sports car, a pretty fast and expensive one, say a Lamborghini Veneno, would you let him drive it, at 7, without a license, or a title deed (proof of ownership, in Christianity refers to acceptance and faith) just because he has been crying to.

Sometimes, God holds down what seems like a blessing, like a father holds down a child’s inheritance so that he can grow up to have a license to the will, understand the value and safe use to avoid self destruction. Sometimes we grow old but never grow up, so we never have it. #ChurchForTheStreets

Prayer has a lot to do with timing. On a deeper context, prayer is not to ask God to give. It’s for you to receive that which is in your heart, into your life through certain steps. There are steps to this thing. Look, “A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards, as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push… ‘. It doesn’t really matter whether you have faith or believe in God. The reality is, God doesn’t need your approval to be God. Personally, I stayed off church for years, churches were still running without me. But when I needed something, I will find myself wake up that morning to ask God for it. Sometimes I connected, most times I didn’t. I treated God like an ATM machine, a place I go to when I need money or a better day. And when the day wasn’t as planned, I got upset with Him. And then it hit me that today won’t be better. It’s going to just be another yesterday if I did the same thing I did yesterday.

I know right, sometimes, prayer is not enough. Sometimes the response to your prayer as an answer is YES, sometimes NOT YET and for the most times, it feels silent. For those times, his silence means, I HAVE SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU OR THE WORLD THROUGH YOU. There are things you need to find, for the prayer to converge with your desires. Life is a journey and sometimes in that journey, you get lost. You need to find your way back before you find your house, your dwelling place of purpose.

Everyone wants to be successful, we want to come first. But TO FINISH FIRST, YOU MUST FIRST FINISH. There might be things undone. Like in college, you can’t have maths 201, without passing 101, life runs that way. One day, I asked Mr Chike Onyia after our radio show at the Silverbird Galleria if he had ever wondered what it would have been like to be a celebrity with money and fame as a teenager. And he turned to me and said, “Eizu, I’m grateful I didn’t make it that early. With all that, I would have self destructed”. #ChurchForTheStreets

Let’s dig deeper… https://hbc.org.ng/20…/…/23/how-to-cut-off-your-own-head/

#ChurchForTheStreet is an abstract SundaySeries for people with weird questions on religion. It is now a book, you can buy it at http://hexavia.net/place-an-order/ , or request for account details and the soft copy will be mailed to you.
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