June 14, 2024
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Brands and Bragging Rights.

I’ve heard ’em say my mind is just like your heart, it never stops working. Now that’s #brandMetaphor. What’s yours?

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For a car, A V8 engine should naturally be noisy, especially when it’s on top speed, like the Range Rover HSE, SUVs and Sports Cars. A Rolls Royce Phantom is a V8 but its brand promise says “at 120KM per hour, the only thing you’ll hear will be the sound of your Rolex (remember, original Rolex Wrist Watches don’t tick), now that’s brand excellence and the two mentions is a complementary BrandAssociations, synonymous with luxury, just like Gala and Lacasera is synonymous with quenching hunger in Lagos traffic. What’s yours?

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Coca Cola doesn’t co-brand in sponsorships. To get a Mercedes Benz dealership, it requires that no other car brand is packed side to side of it. Kanye West on Twitter with over 10 Million followers follows only one person on twitter, wow!

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Now, that’s #BrandExclusiveness. What’s yours?

(#Wow, #Unique, #Arrogance #Consistent, #Different, these are the keywords for a brand)


Lady Gaga is actually a very shy in person. Nicky Minaj just like Lil Kim wasn’t that sexy but had an enlargement. And even after limelight, she was actually a virgin. But for the camera and commercial apeal, they are made to be sexy and controversial!

Now, that is #BrandREDesign!

#Perception, #Alluring, #Attractive… What’s yours?

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Solange (Beyonce’s sister who had the elevator fight with Jay-z) alongside the same Jay-Z were spotted together buying Jewelry in a busy street in New York while Beyonce posted family re-unions on Instagram to show that they are still together (both as a family and a hundred million dollar worth “celebrity couple” business, lol). Now, that’s #BrandProtection, #SubliminalPRstunts, #SocialCapitalisation,

#SocialLeverage on #BrandEquity for a progressive #MarketShareIndex, what’s yours?

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Still on that Jay-Z and Solange’s (Beyonce’s sister) elevator fight, unlike his past leaked videos of assaults on women, Jay didn’t retaliate. This was the same guy who came from the Brooklyn NewYork streets, he now has CEO status. (Maturity, Class and Calm), designed by his PR team. So he played it out well. Now, that’s #BrandOrchestration!  What’s Yours?


Branding isn’t for products alone, but also ideas and people. That’s why Hexavia creates business Plans, Models and Brand Strategy models and blueprints that became The Chaz B brand (Sharing Issues live on radio 20 million listeners daily across 22 states), to DJ Humility (skilled jockey) to Goge Africa (magical expeditions), to the AMAAs (credible movie awards) and a lot of brands (Ruff-N-Tumble, Slot, NewAge PowerBanks, etc). We had our fingerprints in those and hundreds more. You should be next. Don’t just be an individual, don’t just be a business, instead be a brand. Let’s talk.

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Remi June 9, 2017 at 2:15 pm

I think while this had some salient points, it was hashed up in putting together and unfortunately at the end became more of a sales pitch than an actual thought leadership piece.


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