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Why Do Poor People Pray Like That?

(Eizu, Hexavia!) ‪#‎ChurchForTheStreets‬ is back, a SundayHexavianSeries

Today, I’ll be thinking out loud.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been thinking, do blind people feel love at first sight?

Why is the word “abbreviation”, so long?

Why is the meaning of life hard, when you have a dictionary.

Well, my little niece once asked me, “Uncle Eizu, are oranges named orange because the color is orange, or is the color orange, orange because it’s same color as the fruit orange?”.. ewhooaa!!!

Someone asked me, “why is the third hand of a clock called a seconds”.

I think these are brilliant questions. But driving out today from church in an SUV alongside other SUVs coming out from my church (by the way, my church doesn’t produce SUVs, it just has a pastor that is pretty intellectual enough to break down practically how your honest quest for salvation can manifest also as success on earth, so by the law of attraction, I stayed off church for 6 years till I found that a church like that existed and mainly filled with intellectuals and grace upon salvation and the works of their hand and lives through certain principles, I’m not bragging).











But I couldn’t help but notice another less attractive church right next to mine. Their prayer sounded like it was a fire fight. All I could hear was “fire fire, HolyGhost Fire”, thought something was burning. I could hear them warn and curse (unsure if it was for the devil or God). And then I remember what a white client of mine once asked me. He said “Why do Africans pray like hell and abyss is their neighbor?”

Now, I can drive home my point.


In neurolinguistic programming it is scientifically proven that a man will attract more of what he spends most of his time on.







I’m learning deeper concepts of connecting with divinity. Prayer. Africans pray like abyss is their neighbor. I pray less against the things I don’t want and pray more upon the things I want. I don’t pray for a desired future, I call it to be. I don’t spend too much time in casting demons for while at it, it builds more consciousness of them, which is the perfect fuel for its manifestation through fear. I feel like people put too much attention on the negatives while in the spirit realms of the 2nd heavens (where the battles of the mind is fought) till it produces manifestation through F.E.A.R (acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real).











“I believe in heaven more than hell”, I say. And then my more religious friend will say, “Eizu, how does that make sense?
#ChurchForTheStreets.., a HexavianSundaySeries.

Well I choose to believe what I believe. Mastering the book of Roman 4:17, I calleth things that are not as if they were”. It’s the secret!

I rarely think of evil, whether to do or pray against them. They might exist but I consciously choose to not acknowledge their existence, simply by replacing fear with faith, bitterness with joy, and then praise it through.

12 Dec 2015, New Mexico, USA --- Dec. 12, 2015 - Jemez Springs, NM, United States of America - The ruins of the San JosŽ de los JŽmez Mission part of the Jemez Historic Site illuminated by hundreds of small paper lanterns known as luminaria to celebrate the holiday season December 12, 2015 in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. The site is in the JŽmez Indian pueblo and contains an early 17th-century mission complex. (Credit Image: © Richard Ellis via ZUMA Wire) --- Image by © Richard Ellis/ZUMA Press/Corbis







When a bank hires an employee, he is trained to recognize counterfeit bills. One would think that the best way to recognize a counterfeit would be to study various counterfeits. The problem is that new counterfeits are being created every day, so the concept isn’t sustainable. Ask anyone in currency operations at the central bank treasury, and they’d tell you that the best way to recognize a counterfeit bill is to have an intimate knowledge of the original and not of the fake.

Have an intimate knowledge of how growth and success happens. Believe it for you, practice it with commitment through the diligence of your work and watch grace call those things which were not, into being as if they were. HappySunday, #ChurchForTheStreets.


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Victor Odihiri June 13, 2016 at 7:58 am

Perfectly delivered as usual. Good thinking Eizu. We magnify the created more than the Creator. Feed your Faith and watch your fear starve to death. Thanks.

On a lighter note; you don buy TV?

Eizu June 20, 2016 at 4:15 pm

Lol, @Victor.. Nooo, I never buy.. Who needs a TV when you can get all the updates on the internet under my own terms and timing. That way i have control over what should distract me or not.


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