June 20, 2024
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An Ambivert State of Mind

I love solitude.
And people argue with me when I say that  I am actually an introvert. Okay, maybe ambivert.

In a loud world that can’t stop talking and chatting and living for Instagram and to “pepper dem”, keeping your big wins and  private life private seems like it’s a disorder these days, don’t cave in. Being an introvert is fine. Also keeping your eyes and ears off people’s business is key too.  You don’t have to pick every call that comes through your phone. Some are distractions, limit them to texts in a predefined time. Also, don’t feel too special yourself. Don’t over analyze and compare yourself with others. It saves you depression.

Just as some animals naturally carry their shelters everywhere they go with them (tortoise, snails,etc), so are some humans and there is nothing wrong with it.
We don’t always have to come out of our shells, do we?

Personally, I am a weird introvert that loves to speak in public. If I am not the one organizing/project-managing a show or concert, I probably wont attend. My birthday  was  a few days ago, and I felt more fulfilled to have shared it with only a select group at the Southern Sun Ikoyi. It’s so bad that I told my friend that I look forward excitedly to marriage but not  in anyway a wedding because having a crowd, most who really don’t care that much about you (you don’t want to be in situations where you can find this out), is not my thing, except if it’s work. I probably have never attended more than 3 concerts in my whole life. I have been living alone for over a decade but has never had a TV in my house.  Its always strange when due to the nature of my work and maybe social status, I usually get front row seats and  premium table tickets to shows and I  almost always turn around and ask, who wants to go instead, then I hand over the tickets.

There is a misconception that being great is to be bold, outward facing  and social.  That is just an extrovert ideal syndrome at play. But 1/3 of the world are introvert. They usually listen more than they speak,  think before they talk, express themselves better in writing, hate small talks and conflicts; they keep a close knit level of friendship and inner-circle and most importantly, they recharge their batteries by being alone. Introversion isn’t same as shyness. Shyness is a fear of social disapproval, while Introversion is the avoidance of overstimulating environment. Shyness is painful being Introversion isn’t. Be deep and value being alone.

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