June 20, 2024
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The Amazons of the 21st Century

The Power or Improving #ImprovementTuesday
We have a new number 2 richest man in the world, his name is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. He just skyrocketed his revenue simply by improving on something simple, something we all should do in our business “response time and cycle time per transaction”. How long does it take for your product to either be produced to to be completely served or even reach the end user/customer?
Jeff Bezos rose from being the 19th richest man on earth with a net worth of $25billion in 2013 to become earth’s 2nd richest man in 2017. Yes, he’s the second. Not Mark Zukerberg, not Carlos Slim, not Warren Buffet, just a chilled guy that sells stuff online!
Just how did this happen?
This happened simply by his firm optimising the response time of delivering products at Amazon by 62%. Really, time is money. The feeds as at today the 2nd  of May is that my uncle Jeff earned a whopping $3.3billion in 24hours because he’s understood something we all know but fail to apply #improvement
Talk about #DisruptiveInnovation,  talk about what I always talk about, the 4th Quadrant of the Balanced Score Card, GrowthCurve or ability to scale up all of your structure.
The easy ability  to grow should be able to answer the question, “what are you doing right now to make your customer have a better experience in what you do, what are you doing to stay valuable tomorrow, what are you doing to stay relevant  in 10years?”
I rest my case.
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