June 14, 2024
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The Ultimate Measure of a Man

In times of trouble and chaos, say it’s all good, like B.I.G would say, “Ride or die” like DMX would say, “Get rich or die trying” like 50 Cent would say. Oprah Winfrey once asked Jay-z, how he excelled. She said “how did you learn to fly” and he said, “by not being afraid to fall out the sky”   #MeasuresOfAMan


HexavianTips: Do something that scares you. The first step to succeed is to kill fear by leaving your comfort zone. Take risks, take on challenges; if you win, you will be happier; if you lose, you will be wiser. I once read a biography of how Steve Jobs once placed his whole fortune and future of Apple on a bet for what he believed in? Now that’s faith, sometimes, its validation is your stamina. Today, do the impossible.#TrueMeasuresOfAMan.

Push yourself above your usual boundaries. Set goals above your limits daily. “Jump off the 12th floor of the 10 storey building of your mind”  (Eizu, Hexavia!)

I also once read of how Hernando Cortes, a Spanish explorer of the 15th century who conquered Aztec, a part of today’s Mexico and other territories. He won so many wars on lonely lands surrounded with water by a tactics of sinking all of his team’s ship in the middle of battles. This leaves them with no option than to fight with their last sweat, blood and tears, with no option but to win or die.

Jesus got off the boat to walk on water. Eagles take the biggest risks, days after birth, they throw their new offspring (eaglets) off a feared height with nothing but trial, confidence and hope that the new eagle will fly, else it dies. But then, they learn to fly. Be brave. Give wings to your dreams, and the powers that be will propel you through.

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