June 14, 2024
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7 Traits of Super Productive People – KSS

So many times we wonder what makes people in our workplace, team do more than others. There are certain traits which when watched out for can make us to be super productive too.

Below is a list of all the seven traits that would increase your productivity

Super-productive persons are actually good at doing seven things:

  1. Setting Stretch Targets/Goals
  2. Displaying Consistency
  3. Have Knowledge and Technical Expertise
  4. Drive for Results
  5. Anticipating and Solving Problems
  6. Taking initiative
  7. Being collaborative

They (Super productive people) may appear to get their work completed by means of magic (or cutting corners). However, excessive productiveness is only a set of abilities.

Set stretch targets/goals

Think about your final break day. Did you resolve to do some initiatives round your home or work? Maybe you puttered round, doing just a few small duties in a random means or perhaps you chose a serious mission to deal with and have been amazed at how a lot you have been capable to get completed in a day.

Super Productive People set stretch targets that makes them get rid of all distractions. Making them to do more than they could have thought.

“An enormous mission encourages you to tune up your tempo and get rid of all distractions.”

It’s like muscle building, muscles have to stretch for you to get that lovely shape you desire.

Displaying consistency

We all know people who find themselves 100% dependable. If they are saying, “It will be done,” it would get completed. This is another trait of super productive people.

They discover easy methods to persistently ship outcomes, week after week and month after month. There is always a cadence and a rhythm to their work that appeared to keep them going.

Knowledge and technical Expertise

Few issues kill productiveness sooner than an absence of information or experience. When you have knowledge and technical expertise, you can get issues completed each shortly and nicely. You don’t have to spend time looking out on-line for a very good tutorial, or asking a colleague for recommendation.

Super productive people don’t always hesitate to ask for help, however they don’t want it that usually. They deliberately acquired new abilities and labored to increase their experience. This helps them to be skillful and fast in their execution of tasks.

Drive for Results

Most persons are keen to simply accept duty for engaging in targets and to work at an inexpensive tempo to realize anticipated outcomes.

But there are just these super productive individuals who have a fantastic need to perform outcomes sooner and faster. They are overjoyed to have the ability to examine one thing off their to-do checklist.

They’re aggressive — they usually compete not solely with their colleagues but additionally with themselves. They wish to set new data for efficiency after which beat their very own greatest.

The drive for results in them is always high!

Anticipate and Solve Problems

The best persons are nice problem-solvers. They provide you with revolutionary options and accomplish work extra effectively. They additionally are likely to anticipate roadblocks and start engaged on options upfront, and so keep away from some of the issues that different folks face.

They anticipate problems and as such are prepared to solve any that surfaces.

Take initiative

For many individuals, the toughest half of getting a job completed is beginning. Super productive people begin shortly, they usually by no means wait to be advised to start. They say sorry, not permission. And certainly, their bias for motion can get them into problems typically — they may begin executing a mission earlier than all events have purchased in, say.

But guess what, their bosses hardly ever complain. Because the result of their outcomes have a tendency to talk for themselves.

Being collaborative

So far, it would sound like we’re describing a super productive individual who is an excellent performer on his/her own. But the present world of work has made us realize that little or no task will get completed by only one person (no matter how super productive you are) appearing alone. Everything is very interdependent.

The best folks are extremely collaborative and work nicely with others. They don’t have to spend so much of time soothing ruffled feathers. As a result, they don’t ruffle many feathers in the first place.


Just like I had indicated, passively as an objective, If you wish to be extra productive yourself (join the league of super productive people), check out the above checklist and ask if there’s one thing you’ll be able to enhance and improve on.

Wishing you maximum efficiency and success on your path to getting to become super productive.

KSS BY: Bashir Buhari

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