June 20, 2024
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The Secret of Marketing Secrets.

I was with Eizu and a few Hexavia Alumni high flyers. For three of the four of us, it was our first time at RSVP Lagos, (a stellar hotspot, restaurant and lounge) even more fascinating about RSVP and unknown to many is the pool porch that lies at the end of an unassuming hallway.

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Now RSVP has violated the traditional laws of marketing, there’s no sign on the street, no fanfare at the entrance. They’ve done everything they can to make themselves difficult to find, yet everyday they are full. By close of business on Monday all reservations for the week are gone. So what did they do right? How can they defy the traditional law of marketing and yet be so successful?


Well, RSVP did something very interesting, they made themselves a secret!

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Secrets are one of the most powerful forces of our psychology. As soon as someone rescinds a conversation “…… am sorry can’t talk about it or never mind, it’s nothing” we lose it. Those reverse words immediately stir a curiosity in us. All we can think about is what that secret could be and how we can manipulate them into telling us.

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As a child I remember a relative telling me not to climb up the wardrobe, if I wanted to have the noodles I was to simple dip my hand into the carton.


What’d you think I did?

Yes I did climb, and with renewed vigour. It was more a call to action than less a call not to.

The psychology of secrets is one that arouses curiosity not just in a child but in every living mind.


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Similar to the Starbucks “secret menu” and the McDonalds “McRib” menu, RSVP has built its entire reputation on a need to know basis, on a secret. You only get to know about them because someone wanting to feel good and knowledgably told you about them.


When you provide a select few customers with a secret information, a secret product, a secret service or experience that no one else has, it is only natural for them to start bragging about it.


Getting customers to brag about you is actually a subliminal referral system based on word of mouth advertising that doesn’t just attract new customers but makes your existing customers look like insiders and feel good in the process.


Remember! The primary objective of secrets is to give your customers something interesting to talk about you.

Reviewed by  Eizu Uwaoma and JOHN O.E for Hexavia!
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