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Professionals In love, We Need More Power Couples

Bill and Melinda Gates, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Munroe, Fela and Tara Durotoye, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Obama and Michelle, Bonnie and Clyde, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Where am I driving at?

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These people are unusual; they were not just in love, they connected and got better together. Your spouse should be that which makes success and greatness easier for both of you to achieve, together. For me, chemistry is never enough. In a relationship, one person should not be significantly smarter, wealthier or more influential. That is not called relationship, it is called parasitism. Power couples are powerful. Every generation has them.







I’d tell you what, if you need a certain type or category of person in your life, then you yourself have to be at some certain point too to start with, perhaps fit or meet certain criteria also. I mean you can’t be a dumb man who needs a very smart woman in your life, maybe a “not independent” woman who needs a very resourceful type of man and expect to find that person and he’d treat you with respect.

The listed people above are pairs. They are perhaps headliners who had a strong drive for achievements but understand that a thorough course through the path of success can be relational to a balance emotion at least enough to not cloud their vision while keeping them focused to their dreams and when they had a chance with that potential person, they took and used it and there was no stopping them ever after.

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Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Munroe, Jay-z and Beyonce, Bonnie and Clyde, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, Bill and Hillary Clinton are just my case study out of the not so many people who have succeeded in being brands of both success and love as their lifestyle explains how a complete life requires you having someone that can complement your drive without a decline. To them, a great marriage and career can be merged, and also as a great marriage and relationship isn’t far from having a smart, skilled and successful partner who loves and respect you so much without being too mushy to the point of complete dependency, perhaps its best to have someone that can complement your speed, success and swag.

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Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), an American motion-picture actor, who became the most famous Hollywood actress and international sex symbol of the 20th century. Born Norma Jean Mortenson in Los Angeles, the daughter of an emotionally unstable mother, she spent a troubled childhood in foster homes and orphanages and at the age of 16 entered into an ill-fated marriage. In 1944, while working in a defense plant, she was noticed by a United States Army photographer who induced her to pose for posters for the troops. Instantly popular as a model, Monroe soon found other assignments and registered with a modeling agency, which sent her to charm school and put her on a number of magazine covers and then she became unstoppable ever after while rising to being the biggest Hollywood star of all time and it even got better when she fell in love with Joe DiMaggio who was perhaps one of the biggest baseball player of that time.

Bonnie and Clyde: this is perhaps the most negative of our examples but still in line with our examples as you must have come across a storyline in either any of these movies or Hip hop songs (Jay-z, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, Tupac all have made their versions of a song with that title and story line ) but here’s the true life story. Their real names are Bonnie Parker (1910-1934) and Clyde Barrow (1909-1934), they were American criminals during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Both were born in Texas. Clyde began committing petty thefts in Houston at the age of 15. Bonnie worked as a waitress.

Bonnie and Clyde met in January 1930 and ever since remained together while growing in their quest and success till death did them part. They were first linked in crime in a December 1932 automobile theft. For two years Bonnie and Clyde worked their way across the southwestern United States, holding up gas stations, restaurants, and banks. They were successful in their ill operations. History has it that, once upon a time they single handedly killed 12 people, mostly law enforcement officials in a shootout. Because of his ruthlessness, Clyde earned the title “public enemy number one of the Southwest.” Frank But one day, Hamer, a former Texas Ranger, trailed Bonnie and Clyde across nine states before he was able to stage a deadly ambush outside Arcadia, Louisiana, in May 1934. Hamer and five other lawmen shot and killed Bonnie and Clyde as they drove through the ambush. Bonnie and Clyde were buried in separate cemeteries in Dallas, Texas.

We need more power couples. “Power Couple is = a term that’s often used to describe those extremely rare couples who transcended beyond a normal, safe, comfortable relationship, to a partnership that brings out the highest potential in each individual and their successes.










They lift each other up in every area of their lives, from their business, to health, to connection, to happiness… And have energy together that you can sense the moment they walk into a room.

It’s an absolutely amazing relationship to see and experience. But to achieve this, they must get to that point where they can brainstorm together, they exercise together, they support each other, they avoid limelight as much as they can while together, they have their backs. You should find one or recreate what you currently have.


Eizu Uwaoma
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