June 21, 2024
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The Beginning of Our Journey

We didn’t have much money when we started. Thinking about it now, we were so broke then. So broke that in 2003 we would walk from VI to Ikoyi through the Falomo bridge. I was 16 years old and was on my way to see a best friend who later became the popular artist, Lynxxx. During one of our long walks, we looked over the bridge and saw lots of Nigerians. Turning to Lynxxx I said, “I’ll never be poor. How can I, when these millions of Nigerians owe me!”

Wealth is simple. All we need to do is to create value: a world and a business that millions will need and have to pay for. Like the men who built the modern world: Vanderbilt (shipping and railroads), Rockefeller (oil and gas), Carnegie (steel), JP Morgan (Investment and banking), Ford(cars), Gates (IT), Jobs (innovation), Jack Welsh (management), Russel Simmons (Hip-Hop), we need to do this here.

To do this, we need to raise powerful minds of a new generation of businesses, leaders and a new country. We will do this through others. This inspired a journey that later became Hexavia! That journey to greatness started like this:
We’ve always loved to think, to solve problems, we loved to write, you can tell even till this day. We both loved business but by the side, we used to write rap, then I met and fell in love with a girl in college, she loved words, I had them, so I began to write poetry for her. And then she left for a while. I sadly copied some of the notes, placed it online. It grew an audience and follower-ship. One of them was picked by an international US award for Poetry and Short Story, it effortlessly won. That was the redefining moment of my life.

Moving on…

This lockdown, it’s a perfect time to review performance, set goals and mindmap a better year ahead. Who better to manage your team’s strategy & recalibrating session and retreat during this COVID-19 business season?

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