June 20, 2024
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Creativity, The New Form of Intelligence

*Creativity is intelligence having fun*.

There’s always sense in nonsense.

Let me ask you:

Which is more dangerous to have in the house full of kids, a gun or having a swimming pool?

Dangerous 004

By common sense, it should be a gun right? Well…

Answer : *A swimming pool!*

(the chances of a child finding a gun in a house that has it is slim. And then knowing how to put in the bullets or even if it’s in, taking it off safety is way slimmer, than him running round the pool and accidentally falling into it and drowning).. #Think!


So if I say something as senseless as
*free midnight calls by the telecoms company reduces the populations of virgins in Nigeria, will it make sense?*

Or that a passage of abortion laws will reduce the amount of crime in the next 18 years.

Or the relationship between Gala and Lacasera. The badoo app and Lagos traffic. Night clubs and rehabs.

Never stop questioning anything and everything, curiosity is a path to learning

Research is formalized curiosity.

Dangereous 001

Unknown to a lot of people, I am not very smart, I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious… *smiles

Be curious!!!

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

Be Curious.

They say curiosity killed the cat. But that’s a very honorable way to die.

Ask questions. A brand built on curiosity to help your curiosity, (Google) is today, the richest in the world. It made 3.4 Billion dollars between just April and June. And we are still killing ourselves and waiting to share federal allocation and oil money, “na so holocaust take start”.

probing-questions 001

After teaching curiosity to a group of young people (advising them never to outgrow that childishness to always ask questions), in that building, I asked what they did on the topmost floor of the edifice. So I sneaked to find out and I accidentally met someone from NYSC camp years ago and I had been searching for his contact..#deep.

Dig for knowledge and you will be shocked with the other discoveries you will make.

Curiosity took the first men to space, and the reward became satellites and today’s internet. Out of sheer curiosity, men once dug the ground to find what was underneath, and guess what they found..today’s clean water!

But out of satisfaction, they stopped digging. It took millenniums later for a new set of curious men to carry on that curiosity, and guess what they found after water..Crude oil!… now what’s next, gas, Uranium, a new planet was found last month, it’s the closest and best thing to earth, it is most likely going to be the next home for the next generation.

Life is deep, there are things the forces of the universe does not want us to know. So when you become too curious, it distracts you, by giving you something else, material success. So curiosity at less, is our trick to succeed. Outsmart the universe.

My dear, Keep Digging!

I stumbled upon a book called Freakonomics. It’s a concept too.

Freakonomics is a concept of using curiosity in understanding how people and society works, of solving problems (whether business or life) through correlation, regressions and weird relationships.

Correlation is the degree of relationship between two dependent variables

Now regression and Correlation is a research methodological tools used in business school

Great people understand that when faced with a challenge that requires decision making, before they make up their mind, they open it


The key word is, “before you make up our mind, you open it”. Its the new way for solving tough problems

Creativity is intelligence having fun. It’s playing field is curiosity.



Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma








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