June 20, 2024
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Outsourcing : The Power In Synergy


A few years ago in the University, Sherif, my roommate would always say, “For dis life, face your own. Abeg, no look another man soup, go make your own eba”. I always used to laugh at that almost senseless quote. Then I graduated, we started a consulting firm and I realized the importance of it. Its an advanced management theory of Drucker and Jack Welsh, its the secret of every great economy, business and life, OUTSOURCE.


In summary, it suggest that we try not to keep up with the Jones. Some people are just good at some things, others are not. This is true for all of us. Outsource every area of your business that is not your core or you can not be number 1 or number 2 in. Outsource them to people who that part is their number one strength. Its called consultancy and teamwork! I agree with Clinton during the Democratic Convention that the future of every great business and the world depends on collaboration.

To go fast is to go alone, to go far, let’s go together. Show me any great front end accomplishment and look deeper and you’ll see a secret, a stronger back end that supported it.


At Hexavia, what we basically do is to play that all important back end to a lot of successful front end companies. We offer back end services for their dreams and ideas, (strategy and trainings) and to emerging great organisations you know. And in one of the session with one of our proud products, Slot, I broke down the FrontEnd- Backend concept!

Your health is a back -end to your work. A concierge is a back end of a 5 star hotel.

Reality-Peck Mail Blast.
“Everyone and everything has a front end and a back end. The front end operation brings the money, but the back end helps the operation work better. You should be good with your front end, and then outsource the backend, which is someone else’s front end. Does this make sense?”
Let me ask you, how loud can you clap with only one hand? There is a great power in synergy. The key to greatness whether in business or in life is to find the right team, a collection of people who are more passionate, far better than others and even the best at what they individually do.


This starts when you identify your strength, and then outsource your weakness, which is someone’s strength. This is the actual concept of HBC, thats why we promote collaboration more than anyone else with a guiding concept that says “none of us is as smart as all of us”. Business is filled with problems, people around here in our HBC community (with over 500CEOs nationwide), are filled with solutions. Leverage on it.
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To read more about outsourcing and team work, visit https://hbc.org.ng/2016/07/11/understanding-team-work/
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