June 21, 2024
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Love Lust (The Pleasure Of Not Putting Business First.)

Okay, here’s a Blink insight to How My Head Works.


Okay. I’m on break at work, so I’m driving with a mentee to grab lunch and we are currently listening to one of Beyonce’s album with  the controversial name Lemonade (remember I don’t have a TV, work or at home but it trended on on social media which helps me stay current). So I’m listening to the album, I and him, and discussing about women and business and it hit me, I could as well just share by writing this:









My thought is, “never mix lust and business”. The corporate world is mixed with too many love triangles. Thinking through and that song “Sorry” from Lemonade, it hit me that Jay-Z actually dated the late Aaliyah and then his best friend Damon Dash did. Wow. That’s a sign. Damon Dash and Jay-Z went ahead to form one of Black Entertainment’s most successful record labels and fashion brands.

lust1 008









They are still among the richest blacks alive. They had an intern called Rachael Roy, that intern began a relationship with Damon Dash, one of the founders. They eventually got married. They divorced and Jay-z is rumoured to pick up once again on Roy who’s now close friends with Kim Kardashian, considered a rival to Beyonce (who in metaphor is “Becky with the good hair” as blacks call white women). Rachael Roy was behind the billion dollar elevator fight between Beyonce, her sister Solange and Jay-Z (the approximate net worth of the couple) that night in an elevator. This is an interesting way to think away during lunch for me. Lol. But really, welcome to the corporate world.

lust 004









“There’s always something to learn” my mentee said. Hexavia. Not just entertainment, every industry has its own groupies (you can look up the word “groupie” on Google. It’s more like a follower who’s not just interested in the professional work of a highflyer but perhaps to flirt). The risk is real, that sometime they just want to become more. This happens when you begin to mix Erection with Vision. It creates a new direction.

lust 006








I once sarcastically and graphically wrote about how “One sexy drunk night, a lady’s skirt was tight and between lovemaking, the name Nigeria was conceived… But really, I meant Nigeria was named by Flora Shaw , Lord Lugard’s side chick (mistress)…lol”#TrueTalk

lust 1001








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I’d share an advice. You know at age 21, my father said to me “as you grow and become successful, bear in mind that a successful man can get any woman he wants. But that’s not what makes him a man. What makes him a man is to know that he can, but chooses not to”. #Lemonade, get the album, also get the Times Magazine eb/March Edition with Donald Trump as the cover. … *smiles.

It’s a metaphor between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. I love the vintage and subliminal pun by  Time Magazine. Now that’s creative investigative journalism at its best, the metaphor between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniel’s affair. Up to speed, the lady Stormy, is an American pornographic actress, stripper, screenwriter, and director  with an alleged transactional affair with Donald Trump. The current white house scandal which inspired the magazine’s cover story follows FBI agents raiding Trump’s inner circle man, Cohen’s home, office and a hotel room, seizing documents relating to among other things Cohen’s $130,000 payment to Daniels to keep quiet about her alleged extramarital affair with Trump in 2006.

Some lawyers are speculating that the hush money, exchanged shortly before the 2016 presidential election, could have violated campaign finance laws. More so, its also a moral issue considering that Trump was already married about that time too. The only thing clearly more challenging that climbing to the top is staying on top and that requires a lot of discipline.

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