June 21, 2024
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Hexavian Laws of Business. (Law 13) The Law of Management.

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In whatever you do, create a professionally structured mode of operation and control -have a FUNCTIONAL STRUCTURE for what you do.




As a manager, learn to manage three things:




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Have a standard operating process/procedure (SOP). Define what to do, who does what and at when to do it. Your role is to organise, inspire, manage and control!

How to manage a company

▪Outline your vision for the company.

▪Analyse the company budget. Assess your financial status.

▪Make decisions about marketing efforts.

▪Hire and manage employees.

▪Interview prospective employees.

▪Familiarise yourself with employment laws.

▪Decide on your management style.

▪Address employees needs and conflicts.

▪Assess company progress.

▪Take courses in business management.

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I hope it helps, if it did not…this YouTube video will do  https://youtu.be/sNOWr3D1S6E


Or get the book on Jumia…https://www.jumia.com.ng/jumia-books-hexavian-laws-of-business-2-lecture-cds-279219.html


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Follow this link to the audio version of Law of Management: https://anchor.fm/lawsofbusiness/episodes/LAW-OF-MANAGEMENT-ehehvm

To download the complete Hexavian Laws of Business Audio Book, click on the link below:

Laws of Business Audio Book

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Hexavian Laws of Business. (Law 13) The Law of Management.


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