November 26, 2020
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Hexavian Laws of Business. (Law 11) The Law of Innovation and Technology

Surprisingly my Facebook Mentor….Strive Masiyiwa is presently doing a series on innovation and technology called “Turn your business into a technology company” to show how important this law is even to the CEO of a multinational company.

There’s no award for doing things manually, automate. If your process and  gadget doesn’t make things better, safer, simpler, work faster and life easier, then it’s not it- REPLACE IT

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How to Innovate


Follow these steps:

▪Select a product or service to innovate.

▪Create a list of its components.

▪Apply a TEMPLATE to each component. This creates a VIRTUAL PRODUCT. It is virtual because it does not exist. It Should not seem to make any sense to you at first. That is okay…that is how the method works.

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▪Take the VIRTUAL PRODUCT and think of all the ways it could be useful. What problems does it solve? What benefits does it offer? Who would use it.

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▪Repeat the process using a different component.

▪Repeat the entire process using a different TEMPLATE.


Here are the TEMPLATES

✔SUBTRACTION: removing an essential component and keeping only what is left

✔MULTIPLICATION: making a copy of a component but changing it in some way.

✔DIVISION: dividing a component out of the product and putting it back somewhere else, OR taking the component and physically dividing it.

✔TASK UNIFICATION: assigning an additional task to an existing component- giving it a new job in addition to its existing job.

I hope it helps, if it did not…this YouTube video will do

Or get the book on Jumia…


It’s #MotivationMonday…Have a blessed week.



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