June 21, 2024
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If you’ve lost your job or closed shop to this recession, it may be a perfect time for self-discovery and self-development.  God doesn’t help mentally idle people, neither do people who he has sent to you. They are disguised in a robe called work. The biblical mystery of capital is mathematical; it ministers seed to the sower not by miracle (but insights, people and ideas). It only multiplies the little you have that is at work. My dear, it is better you are learning on a pay cut or at your client’s office working for free than for you to be at home, waiting for someone to help you with your fees. A bad economy is an opportunity in wolf’s clothing.




There’s a difference between circle of influence and circle of concern. The economy is the latter, focus on what you can influence. You may not stop the recession, but you can at least stop your depression. My friend, recession is not a good reason to not be awesome!!!


The lion stumps its feet at the gang of buffalo, to determine the wounded, and the attacks it out of the many. The universe is known to attack the weak, don’t look like that, exit the pity party. Get up!


Ten years from now, your kids will either be eating or starving from the decisions you’re making today.  In the words of Nas and K’naan, “Difficulty is an excuse history never accepts”. Opportunities multiply only as it used. GoFurtherAhead.




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