June 20, 2024
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How To Feature In Tomorrow’s News

Someone asked me sometimes ago, “Eizu, If you were to be on the cover of September 2020s’ newspaper, what do you think the headline/ title will say.. for the first time in a while, I was numb, I really didn’t have an answer..
I’ve been thinking about it.. and I’d like to ask you that too..
“If you were to be the front line of May 2020’s newspaper, what will the headline/ title say”.. you can turn around to ask anyone around you. Better yet, with your current work and deeds, what problem are you part of creating or solving that can have so much impact on news?
It’s almost a new month, ask yourself what you want written, not only in the papers, but on your tombstone that will last centuries after you’re gone. And then begin to work towards it. It’s the best way to live and to serve.
With value, there’s a fundamental problem our childhood missed out. We need to make our kids see that just like Bruce Wayne (Batman), Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Clark Kent (Superman) they can transform into Superheros.
True service will start in this country when we all stop asking our kids what they want to be when they grow up. Instead we should start asking them what problems they hope to solve.
We should be more solution and impact oriented.

Listen. Every day, there are 1,440
minutes. That means we have
1,440 daily opportunities to
make a positive impact. How many did you make today.

I want to live the kind of life that every morning I wake up, I can almost feel the devil screaming “Lord Jesus, damn he’s up”…lol..I mean, “value is when your life pisses the devil off. But he can’t do anything about it because God is having a blast with you. And you’re making money too. I mean value is the SI unit of money.
I wake up every morning, with the thoughts that everyone owes me money..lol.. I just have to solve a problem, make a difference and collect their money.
Now, over to you:
So what’s your plan for making a difference, this month.
What impact do you intend to start this month that will change the face of 2018, 2019 and 2020. Scratch that, let me rephrase it, “If you were to be the front line of 2019’s newspaper, what will the headline/ title say?
You got the link to read this for a reason I believe. At any point in a man’s life, he’s got to be working on a project that excites him. It inspires being alive and adds value to time. There’s so much you can do with your time. All you need to is to find that worthwhile cause; and then start and the tools you need would be found as you go.
You can do much more and whenever you’re in doubt when you decide to follow a worthwhile pursuit, always remember that, WANT is a word of RETREAT,
DID is a word of ACHIEVEMENT,
CANT is a word of DEFEAT,
MIGHT is a word of DOUBT,
TRY is a word of POSSIBILITY,
OUGHT is a word of DUTY,
WILL is a word of CONFIDENCE,
CAN is a word of POWER.  There’s so much power within, for transformation is an inside job. Let me know how I can help.. .
If you’re in Lagos this weekend, join a special Hexavian Masterclass edition for people who want to plan and structure their workforce and business for impact that will still be visible in years to come.
Invite and refer your like minded friends to attend. They can get more details here..
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