June 20, 2024
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Sometime back, my colleague Damola posted in passive an article on Tupac, a few days ago on our HexavianBusinessClub exclusive Whatsapp Group (are you a member?). I wondered why Tupac since it was an uptight business group for executives. No one really read or noticed how valuable that was too.

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A few days later during the wee hours of my colleague’s project and content reviews for Hexavia Nigeria, I read it, and I am inspired to complete my 5th book this morning just because of it (only one has officially been published) and for his work ethics, I’m thinking to myself “How could we have allowed that Tupac post just go bye?”.


Tupac was a genius mehn! He died as the greatest rap artist of all time, even though he died at 25, remember? (what where you doing at 25?).


Twenty years after his death, Tupac Shakur is still making music. That’s because he worked extremely hard. They weren’t just clubbing like the music videos depicts. They slept in studios delivering excellent art. Nigerian artists needs to learn. Else, can someone explain how he’s produced 15 albums –10 of them posthumously.

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In a period of five years from 1992-1996 he created a dozen albums, eight feature films, countless commercials, music videos and even two books of poetry.


These guys could have been drug and street junkies, but what you can’t take out was their brilliance and hard work. Tupac and Dre were best friends. As a matter of fact Dr Dre produced most of those songs. This explains the law of network. Inline with this, now, let me share something about Dre too.








Dr Dre, a producer known to frustrate artists in the vocal booth, even Busta Rhymes had to leave Aftermath records. Jay-z calls him a perfectionist. He got Snoop Dogg to repeat his verse on the song “Gin and Juice” over 113 times, the result of this includes a classic album, the discovery of one of the greatest and one of the highest selling Hip-Hop artist of all time, Eminem.


After spending years in the studio, he was declared the man with the best eardrum in the world, this won him a multi-million dollar deal on earphones (Beats by Dre) and the title, The Most Respected producer in Hip-Hop. But he records an album ONLY once in about 6 years.


It doesn’t matter what you do, just be excellent and consistent at it. It’s one of the secrets to greatness.

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. Live by it. Do it like you want us to remember you for it, like it’s the last thing you’d ever do. Remember, you may not be able to increase the length of your life, but at least you can increase the width and depth. Exellence.

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In Korean Taekwando, it is taught “Don’t be scared of a person who practices 100 kicks at a time, fear a person who practices one kick a 100 times”.

Be good at your work. Amateurs work till they get it right; professionals work until they can’t get it wrong.


Excellence is an attitude. Master your art!

Keep going. We are what we repeatedly do. Practice makes perfect. 

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