June 14, 2024
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Stamina I have written an article everyday, for the past 10 years



I hope this challenges someone.


I have written an article every day for the past 10 years.  60 percent of them can be found on my blog and social media pages. I have enough to write 20 more books already.


I have read a book every month. But have given back that knowledge every week through trainings, strategy sessions and client project. That’s how I truly learn, by teaching. I am proud of this. But sincerely, there are things I am also not proud of.



I have failed on a lot of resolutions.  5 years ago, I decided to scrap the ideas of having a New Year resolution. Instead I replaced them with having themes for each year.


In those 5 years, I have had a new theme every year.


My central themes in the past 4 years if you’ve followed me that long were:

Purpose (2013)

Strategy (2014)

Synergy (2015)

Growth ( 2016)


I just channel the theme through the strategic areas of my life. Each touch point of my life ( say business, spirituality, health, relationship, family, personal development etc.) in that year resolves to do certain things and resolutions along that theme all through the year.


There are stories to each of my chosen theme for that year. You can trace me through it. It reflects what I was going through, what I wanted badly at that point that year. This theme “ish” works!

Consistency, I am glad I chose this theme this year. And to a large extent, I have kept the discipline and grit to follow through on it. Now, that in itself is consistency.

I have come to realize that to get anything you need to be persistent, but to keep anything, you have to be consistent!

Today I write my 200th post in one year with over 1000th in the past 4 years.. Now, that is consistency. Consistency is being true to what you agree and said to yourself that you’d always do, even after that initial feeling you felt when you said it has left you.

I have failed woefully a few times too. But a baby’s imperfect and staggering walk is still better than its most perfect crawl. Just be on it. And that’s what I have learnt to do.


Consistency is key. It’s never too late to go back to your resolutions and theme to follow through. Making mistakes is better than faking perfection, so feel free to click reset and try again. Get back to your theme, get back to your dream, get back to your resolutions and goals, that’s how you get perfectly back to your life!



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