June 20, 2024
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Reports and Performance

What Reporting Means To Us

Our daily and weekly reports are professional statements that help the team quantify daily/weekly or any timeframed duration directed at implementing strategy. In other words, it helps management see how hard you strive to make productivity and growth happen and what they need to do to help you achieve the target. Sometimes, it may also include ways you think the company can contribute to your goals.

One step at a time. Slowly, carefully, and deliberately; without being careless or in a rush. It is entirely possible for any project to succeed.

Why Write Your Daily Reports

•A detailed report of your daily activities serves as your own VISION BOARD – the more detailed it is, the more sense it makes, the clearer your goal.

-It helps you see what you have achieved in a day, what you spent your time doing, how much time you spent doing it and if it actually contributes to the overall goal of your team.

-You can easily spot out your challenges and work on them. It makes you more effective and your growth becomes “like light from a lamp that cannot be covered”.

-Management can easily see your struggles, your determination, your resilience and resolve to bring result. In the same vein, management can also easily see if you are unserious or simply unproductive. Then they can help immediately before it is too late.

-At the end of the week, your team leader’s weekly report shows each team member how far or near they are from the monthly goal. Team members can see what they have achieved as a group, and team leaders can quickly work on faults and adjust the next week’s trajectory towards the monthly goal.

– It is an offence that attracts severe warnings.

•If you do not submit your report, it shows that you have done nothing for the week. This puts your team at great risk and shows that you are irresponsible.

-If your report is not detailed enough and only superficial, it only shows that you have nothing to offer your team. Your report should always be detailed enough.

•A missing report, incomplete report/superficial report only tells management that you have issues to be resolved. They expect you to escalate such issues so that you can go back to giving detailed reports. However, if you consistently give incomplete/superficial reports without escalating any issue, management will assume that you are not fit for your role and pull you out of the team (or the company).

-Always submit reports. Set goals/targets and meet them daily. Find joy in being an achiever. Stay safe. Stay healthy.**

Abumoye Elijah Edward

Head of Compliance

Hexavia! Limited

T: 08052033145

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