June 20, 2024
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Luck is a Set of Cumulative Advantages

The tallest tree didn’t grow to become the tallest tree because it was just meant to be the tallest tree.

Deciphering luck.

The tallest tree grew that way because there was no other tree drastically blocking its sunlight, no one came across its path to cut it down and that the surrounding soil was more fertile and it understood how to leverage it for extraordinary growth. It’s lucky. It’s logical. Success in life, including luck, can be very logical.

Yes, it can be so logical that your ability/inability to succeed in life comes from a huge difference of when, how, and where we grew up…

You can create and increase luck…


Take for example; if I have a son and at an early age, I give him a chance to travel around the globe (exposure), I expose him to good music (creative intelligence) he learns to speak 5 languages (social leverage) including the emerging Chinese Mandarin (trendy). And then I introduce him to principles, God and reality (depth). I open up his mind (vision), get him to make connections early in life with other kids of successful parents in his international school (networking), and still allow him to mingle with the streets and his village (localization). And then I show him what he can be by getting to be close to a great leader in his field of interest (mentorship), does that give him more chances and luck to succeed?

Think about it.

Don’t ever leave luck to luck.

You can create luck, that’s what successful people do.

Let’s build it… the steps are teachable…

You are lucky to see this or be here. But you become more tangibly lucky by taking it.



Written By Eizu Uwaoma,
© Hexavia!.

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About Eizu Uwaoma

Eizu Uwaoma is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Through his weekly features nationwide on radio, he connects with more than 5 million professionals, personally interacting with over 500 top executives & has intervened in over 50 businesses. He has a proficient gift, skill and experience in enterprise development. He is an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy.

He runs the Decoded, a monthly hangout for professionals in all major Nigerian cities facilitates at the Hexavian Masterclass and is the founder of the Hexavian Business Club.


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