May 7, 2021
Hexavia Business Club

*ReflectionWednesday, 7 discoveries you need to make in finding success ( in the right order)*


They are finding the right Passion, Personality , Problem, People, Product, Platform, Profit, Posterity

I mean

What is my (1.) *PASSION*,

How do I align my( (2) *PERSONALITY* with my passion

What is the (3) *PROBLEM* that my passion can solve

Who are the (4) *PEOPLE* with that problem that I can help with my passion

As a business, how best can I sell it. I mean what is the (5) *PRODUCT* you are selling in alignment to the problem

How do I find a (6) *PLATFORM*. May I state here that if no one is ready to give you one, (which is most likely), create one.

Please (7) *PACKAGE *yourself and the other 6 mentioned above ( ensure that it is unique, consistent and easy to identify.

Because you are a business, Make (8) *PROFIT*

Don’t stop at profit, go one step into *POSTERITY*, ensure it is built to last or transferable.

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