June 21, 2024
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My name is Eizu. Call me a tyrant or an undemocratic autocrat if you think so, but with this election, it’s clear what I say to people most personal to me without apology. Look, democracy or not, face the facts, whether in business or in politics you cannot trust the majority with making the right decisions. _America could have sorted out their challenges not from the democratic election polls, but their ideology, educational systems and politically using the Inner Circle nominations polls before even the primary. Because once it gets to the crowd and public, excitement and showbiz win.  I write from lesson to learn in application to our businesses.



The concept of trying to stop Trump using media when he was already out is a failed short-term solution. The real and long -term solution, is more difficult but is still needed so things don’t get worse. And that is fixing the educational system, entertainment and media framework that has created so many people ignorant enough to vote for Trump.


Thinking of Trump, it validates my lack of apology as to why I’ve always sold a concept of an Inner circle for a system. Make it water tight and put the best minds and foot forward from there. We try to do this with Hexavia, and even the business club. That’s the main concept of boards in organizations. My question to America is, How did they let him sneak into it?  They let him break in. My dear, life, governance and business follow the same principle as an egg. When an egg is broken from the outside, life ends. But when it is broken from the inside life begins. I advise clients and any brand I work on, that is to first create an internal system that subliminally controls the external choices, else an unpredictable break will come from the outside. When you do this, on the end everyone feels like they have a choice, but not everyone should because you cannot trust everyone’s choice in real decision making. Majority of the people in bandwagon lose their senses. That’s the theory of mobs; it’s the same reason why jungle justice and trends happen.  People don’t think right in a crowd. So, if you don’t create controls, you’d be unable to predict expectancy.  This isn’t good for a system.

Now, more than ever, At this point, the world needs to revisit its model.  Social media, mainstream media, marketing and PR especially, All institutions are failing. Concepts are failing, old rules are failing, predictions and no one seems to know what the new rules are. Whether government or business, when this happens, it’s the perfect time to create yours.


Surprises like this is only just starting, Social media will make this worse. Its either you mind control them right or you start a true revolution which can go either way.  I once heard Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook say “When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place”. I really do not agree. It just disrupts a place; its goodness can be very relative off the common good. Looking at this critically, thinking about not the election, but the primaries, if not for social media, Donald Trump would not have been able to beat over 20 more qualified candidates to become a republican candidate and now president elect.  We have the most unpredictable times ahead of us. The only good news is, you’d have a more innovative America and world with this. This is because he is external of the norm and current system.  And  *innovation in management I’ve come to realise can only come from someone or something external of a system*. Now, with this, Nigeria can either be on the table or on the menu, eat or be eaten.  The world is madder than ever. That includes us all. And with the recent democratisation of thoughts led by data and technology, now popularity and winning belongs to anyone who can articulate madness expressively better in packets of 140 characters and broadcast better than anyone else, full stop. Congratulations to Trump. I can’t help but admit that he has faith, courage, brilliance and resilience. I say congrats while I get back to my job, //creating a circle of Africa’s most powerful and successful minds and businesses//…




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And by the way, as the year ends and a new one begins, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


Your brilliant idea, start up, business or team needs an injection of energy, critical group think with guiding facilitation  enough to self motivate, guide and help them create a better theme and road map for the journey in front.  Just telling them what to do or knowing what to do might not be enough. Team bonding for vision immersion, mindmapping and getting their Buy-in and commitment is key. Let’s help you.

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