June 14, 2024
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Keep Searching Don’t Settle

Most of us go through life like we are sleep-walking. Like whatever life throws at us is what we accept to become. Like we have no interest to challenge life, and become who we ought to become. Like we plan to play dead and go with the tide, never daring to truly live our lives.

I believe that if we are really truthful to ourselves, and really tell ourselves the honest truth, and not the lies we constantly feed ourselves, we will be shocked at what we will discover of ourselves. The truth is, most of us have dreams and desires, and aspirations – some of us still do by the way – then life bangs us hard.

Life bangs us so hard, and instead of bouncing like a ball, we splat like a big fat melon.

The hustle is real, but so is the courage to wake at dawn and ask questions, then go out to find solutions. The truth is our economy is crazy, but so is the world’s economy. It’s not perfect anywhere, well except at death.

Speaking of death, you know death is likely life’s biggest invention. Many of us are scared to die, but the truth is we get closer to our death every day we wake up. Remembering that we are all going to die someday is the best way to live life. It is the best way to look at risk and opportunities. What do we have to lose, after all, we were already born naked, and we will all leave naked. So why hold on to things that do not count.

My best friend once said to me:

“The trick is to never collect things, rather collect memories.”

So then the question becomes, “What really is stopping you from becoming all you were meant to become?”

Most of us get it all wrong from the start, it’s not about the money, the job, and all that. It’s about the passion. It’s about going to bed at night and feeling proud of the day’s work. It’s about the satisfaction of truly living your life.

We don’t all discover ourselves at the same pace. A few persons were lucky to find theirs early in life and began grinding on time, many of us that were not so lucky discover ourselves much later. It doesn’t matter.

My father used to say, “Whenever you wake up is your morning.”

But then again, that’s the thing about life. It doesn’t really matter if you are 20, 25, 30, or even 40. You are still quite young to follow your heart, and like my mother will always say,

“Follow your heart, it most likely already knows where you ought to go.”


So here is what it means,

If you have a dream you want to accomplish, go ahead and do it.

If you have a business you want to build, go ahead and build it.

If you desire a job, go ahead and apply for it.

You’ve got to live your life like you own it. It is your life after all. Do the things you want to do, go the places you want to go, meet the people you want to meet. Become all you want to become.

The power to do all of these that I can’t explain, but all I do know is that this power does exist, and all you ever want from life can be yours if only you channel all your energy right.

But then again, if you haven’t found all you want from life,

“Keep searching, and don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the year rolls on. So keep looking, until you find it. Don’t settle.”

Steve Jobs.


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He is a proficient writer, designer, artist, and a master storyteller. He is a proud student of Hexavia, with understanding on brand concept, and proficiency in management.

He is a graduate of one of the very popular universities in Nigeria.




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