June 20, 2024
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How Indispensable Are You?

My dear, if you threaten to leave (your organisation, my life, this media, my contact or your system), do you think we will say, “why” or “when?”.

WHY means we really don’t want you to.
WHEN means, we really don’t mind , because there is really no difference with you being here..

Whenever I have on boarding for new staff after corporate restructuring for clients, I always say to them, if you ever someday tender your resignation, “why” or “when” are the questions that can either be asked. 



Today’s Question is:
How much do you really matter to those around you, in value?

What I mean is..

What is your replacement cost?

How easy or costly would it be to get rid of you in your firm or industry?

How many people will truly miss you when you leave, what are you currently doing that can’t be done perfectly or even better by anyone else?

In economics, The term replacement cost or replacement value refers to the amount that an entity would have to pay to replace an asset at the present time, according to its current worth. In the insurance industry, “replacement cost” . It’s a term associated with non-current assets.
Some people are not even assets, but liability. You can tell when they call or visit, money, energy, happiness, something just have to leave you!

Let’s gun for assets with high replacement cost as Hexavians!
Think about it, as I say, GoodMorningTeam
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