June 21, 2024
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Customers – Tools for Innovation

When you neglect your most unhappy and lowest paying customers especially in the areas of ease of use, innovation and affordability, then you may just be preparing for a guerrilla takeover by a competition that is too small for you now to notice but will eventually rise to kill you entirely. It’s the classic David and Goliath story. Let me give a few practical examples here.

Definitely, here are a few current disruptor:
Let’s take a look at this underdogs and how they took out brands:

Google Map: Took out Atlas, its compass, asking for directions and a need for maps

Wikipedia : they took out Encyclopedias, libraries and even Microsoft Encarta

Apple/Itunes: it took out Sony Discman plus millions of CDs and Tapes from music

Netflix : It’s taking out television and cable networks

Ever note : is currently taking out Organiser,jotters and your need to remember anything

Google: it took out your ignorance, and any need for your local library

Uber : currently taking out all cabs in major cities

Youtube : it is taking out TV

Drop Box: Took out the need for an external hard drive

Instagram : took out photo albums

Space X : is helping human’s commercially escape out of earth



This means complaints from your customers should be taken seriously. It’s gold! The most innovative companies are those reaching needs in the most simple and fastest way. At Hexavia, we say welcome back to the future because that is where we operate. Solution not for yesterday but for today and tomorrow.

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