June 21, 2024
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What Consistency Looks Like

To get a lady, consistency is all it takes. The same goes for any form of success.

Tell her to give you a chance. Say “Baby, if you give me a chance, I’ll spoil you. I’ll open my wallet for you faster than Google’s Homepage, faster than any man can”.

I’m not like him or other guys. I’ll tell you what, before your legs go up like Mercedes Benz CLS and Lamboghini doors for him, remember..”

“Baby, if he takes you out and enjoys listening to you more than I do. If he protects and believes more in you, than I do. If like him, I’ve ever treated you like a cordless phone (no strings attached).. If he kisses you for more than 20minutes without reaching for your bra and pants, then break up with me and marry him, he is much more of a HUSBAND MATERIAL than me.
This is what confidence should look like!


This is how you should talk to this year.

Even if everything comes collapsing on people, I will lift off this 2017.

This year will favour the crazy but committed ones. It’s for those who will take advantage of the winds that will blow while other run for safety, they’d take off against it like the aeroplane and pelicans do.

If you can stay calm, you’ll find a rhythm.. else it will move so fast and you’ll feel like copied assignment….you can’t explain it. It’s painful to have potentials you can’t use, like a Ferrari in traffic. You have to switch lanes..

This year will favour those who can structure non conformity. The misfits. The intellectually restless and the rebels of the ordinary. To those crazy enough to challenge status quo, start something, push it, overcome challenges, follow through, grow it till it becomes a model for others.
To those who say, “impossible” is nothing, just a word for anything that hasn’t been done yet. In the words of Nelson Mandela ” some things always feels impossible until it is done”. People who say that things can’t be done, naturally gets overtaken by people who start doing it.
This is for strategy.


This is for a great new year ahead.

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