June 14, 2024
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Business Immersed in Spirituality, A Powerful Mix

Don’t bother me. I need time alone, my mind is about to give birth.


How did Fleming accidentally invent penicillin, How did the Kellogg’s brother accidentally invent corn flakes? How did Isaac Newton discover the concept of gravity just when that apple fell, after all, apples have always fallen from it’s tree? How did the name Hexavia come about? How did Carnegie out of so many options get the bridge right through steel? How did Jay Jay Okocha just stroll in that day by accident just when the scouts came through to find new players? Christians call it discernment. The sercular system calls it intuition. There’s a level of depth and internal silence that invokes it.

Everyone thinks. But when the few deep minds do, you realize why the world doesn’t have so much of them.

Real enterpreneurs can look aggressive and noisy, but they have a secret chamber, and in it, a voice comes, cutting in at times without their permission, it says sometimes, “go’, or “stop’, or a “peace be still message” during the storm. But on the outside, it manifests as what we call gut feelings. It’s that eureka mindset. It’s that point when logic is defiled by something deeper they can’t explain. They just obey. It’s like you know, you don’t know how you know but you just know. Sometimes we are just at the right place just at the right time, same as our decisions. Like copied mathematics assignment, you can’t explain it. But we are right. We know we are. We don’t know how we know, but we just know. You can call it grace, but its a part of how we all got here. Grace. How can we keep it under our control?




Giving. Sacrifice. Meditation. Curiosity. Affirmation. Peace with ourselves and others. Empathy. Love. Passion and compassion. Experience. Knowledge. These things invoke grace. They are not the property of any religion, they are practices. In business, we need to be technically prepared, but to bear fruits from all we know and do, we have to practice them to invoke more grace.


These practices are to life what your computer operating systems is to the programs we run. They are the baseline. Some of them formed my Hexavian Laws. If you understand and apply them, they become a mental enabling environment that breeds the presence of the divine in the midst of the human and enterprise affairs – its not aside or an afterthought, but as the main and central event of what we do. Those actions initiates it, it guides us in the right path. One of those practice is meditation. I’ll take just this one today, meditation (focus, purpose).



Spend quiet time alone to connect with it. Practice meditation.


Jesus went a few times alone to the wilderness.. What do you think he went there for?

Oyedepo has a room no one enters. He calls it the Thinking Room.

When Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic went round the world , floating in a hot air balloon what do you think he did there for 6 months?

To be deep is to find your voice. You can’t find it here, there’s too much noise. Magic happens when you focus on what excites you.

I find mine in the wee hours of the night, just up alone. Sometimes when you can’t reach me over the phone. Or a long walk around the 13 to 14th hole of a game in a golf course, or on a Sunday morning doing 120KM/HR in a freeway with slow music and the AC on but the sun roof and windows down. What works for you?

Most people find their voice in life, years after they have sounded like other people. Most people don’t.

Finding your voice means going deep into what excites you, within and not letting the outer noise drown your inner voice.

Listen to yourself, with no one else. Deep. Alone.

Life and business follows the same principle as an egg. When an egg is broken from the outside, life ends. But when it is broken from the inside life begins. Dig deep to find grace. #ChurchForTheStreets , Happy Sunday.

Eizu, ©Hexavia!

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