June 20, 2024
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Mistakes We Shouldn’t Make in Enterprise Competitions

Alicia Keys a few years ago was paid by Blackberry to be their creative director. She carelessly was busy promoting Blackberry on her tweets and mail. But the tweets showed that it was sent from i-Phone!

Iphone took advantage of that in return as their own promo!

H & M  has had its own share of careless promotions, most recently with the photo shoot that had a black kid on its hoodie  with the inscription of “coolest monkey in the jungle”. One will wonder how it passed through all the quality assurance processes of such a big firm. It intentionally has to be racist. Well, that error cost them millions of dollars lost from the riot in South Africa and loss of Brand Equity worldwide.

By the way too, I rarely drink soft drinks though I heard Pepsi is a better poison. It did beat Coke in the 80s blind taste  challenge though it has less sugar.
Well,  till Zero Coke recently was created  inline with Diet Coke as a healthier option to knockout Pepsi! #brilliantMove

Business man touching world map screen

By strategy, anyone can become obsolete, anyone can win.  Like my friend will say, “the market is bisexual, anybody can blow! “. From Market leader like KFC, you can be reduced to Mr Biggs. Even Bobo and Viju milk is effortlessly knocking out FAN Yogo by having similar products but this time with a better package as against a better tasting FAN yogo that drips on children’s school uniform and makes a mess . #useTheirWeaknessAsyourStrength

As a business man, you can’t develop your strategy on isolation. Watch your competition, time and market. Lookout for feedbacks, its the cheapest form of effective research. Never let a crisis go to waste, learn  and make something from it. Failure isn’t always an enemy but the down payment for school fees on how to succeed better next time when you learn from it.

Welcome to the Hexavian Class on Strategy!

In the war of business, the enemy is the competitor, the battlefield is the market, your product is the weapon, and the customer is the prize#-Eizu Uwaoma

And to knockout your competitor, understand their weakness and then go further ahead to knock them out!

In business to understand the knock out game, first you..//the rest of this note has been deleted// PROPERTY OF THE HEXAVIAN MASTERCLASS AND DECODED/

The Hexavian Masterclass is a full day intensive yet exciting class on Business,
Brand, Strategy, and Project Management.

It’s for business owners, managers, corporate executives, career professionals, aspiring moguls and any one hoping to go further ahead in developing a brand, brands and businesses. And after the class, participants gets to be inducted into our Hexavian Business Club,  a prestigious community and support group of over 500 CEOs across  Nigerian major cities for corporate mentorship, networking and follow through.


Lagos: Saturday  24th of February 2018 (Colonades Resort).

Time: 9 AM to 7PM

Fee: N70, 000 per participant with discounts for group/corporate reservations.

The Hexavian Masterclass
Business. Brand. Strategy and Project Mgt!

Text :  08035202891,

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