October 4, 2023
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Zyna Obasi is an Author, a Trainer, a passionate Personal Development Coach, a CRM Expert and an Entrepreneur. She is a Graduate of English Language Education and variousÊ certifications in other courses. She is the author of "Zyna's Waiting Room", a book she wrote to uplift people dealing with the challenges of childlessness.\n\nZyna is currently a 2-Star Director with Longrich Bioscience International Ltd, a manufacturing multinational company that produces for other multinationals under OEM and ODM while pushing their own products through the MLM platform.She is currently the leader of The Common Sense Squad, with a team membership of close ro 35,000 motivated Financial Freedom Enthusiasts across the globe passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. She also serves as the MD of Salzina Universal Resources Ltd where she runs a Franchise/Stockist Outlet for Longrich called The Floral Centre as well as provides consultancy to individuals and small businesses for growth.\n\nHer greatest interest is in poverty eradication by positively impacting and empowering millions of people across the world to reach their full potentials and take charge of their destinies.