February 24, 2024
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Nuel Harrison is the CEO McPlatinum Phavens Limited (MPL); we take care of our clientsÕ corporate gifts, Promotional gifts, Party Souvenirs, Office Supplies & Branding.\n\nHe is astute Business Analyst/Sales and Marketing / Business Development Strategist with 10 years of experience in the FMCG, textile Industry spanning Sales, New market development, Channel marketing and Trade Marketing (at Vlisco Netherlands B.V). HeÊ has strong will, Professional Character and Integrity to exhibit excellence in everything he does with proven track records.\n\nHe has managed high profile customers' relationships in Nigeria, specific\nmention is the Textile, Fashion and Apparel Industry with - the 170 year old - Vlisco Netherlands B.V. for its Nigerian Operations.\n\nA ÒGame ChangerÓ with a focus to always achieve results. He has added value to the various organizations worked for in the areas of: Business Strategy Formulation; Project Initiation, Execution and Management; Sales and Marketing / Competition Warfare Strategies; Relationship Building / Management; Business ÒForesightÓ Analysis; and Periodic Business P and L Evaluation / swift ÒGame ChangingÓ Approaches (where there are negative gaps in the P & L).\n\nHe is a self-organized starter with strong conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills, which make me teachable to learn different skills. Excellent communication and presentation skills. Ability to build relationships and to work individually as well as part of a team. Timeliness and detail oriented, can work perfectly under pressure.\n\nHe enjoys Playing Football and Indoor ÒBrainÓ Games; Listening to Music; Traveling; Networking; and Researching into new opportunities.



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