July 2, 2022
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With three simple strategies, you can say “No” like Steve Jobs.

One of Steve Job’s greatest abilities was his ability to say “no.” Saying “NO” rather than “YES” is the key to concentrating. Here are three methods for determining, eliminating, and implementing what isn’t necessary.


Explore and Evaluate

We’re presented with a multitude of decisions on a daily basis while we’re self-sufficient.

To mention a few, there are parties, movies, meetups, and meetings.

You must identify what is essential and valuable to you in the midst of the clamour.

Rather than asking, “Is this option likely to be useful in the future?”

“Does this actually help me in the long run?” you ask more disciplined, challenging questions.

If the response is no, you know it’s on the verge of being eliminated.

For several years, Apple suffered because employees were scattering in 18 different ways, each pursuing possibly intriguing things.

Jobs also discovered that Apple was making numerous variants of the same product in order to meet merchant demands.


Many of us answer YES because we want to please others and make a difference.

Eliminating non-essentials entails frequently saying “NO” to others. It entails defying social expectations. It takes courage and compassion to do it well.

When Jobs returned to Apple, his first order of business was to reduce the product line and ensure that whatever Apple produced was of exceptional quality.

Jobs’ approach was to create only four products: one desktop computer and one portable device for both consumers and professionals.


We should eliminate any non-essential options in our lives rather than waste energy.

What if we put in place a mechanism that eliminates such options?

Create a method to prevent you from becoming distracted in the first place if you can’t avoid it.

Make a location where you won’t be distracted by a range of non-essentials.

Helpful advice! Make a mental note

Examine any choices you make that aren’t worthwhile.
[per week/day]
Start by eliminating that one non-essential option.
Make a method for yourself once you’ve trained your brain to filter out the noise.

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