December 9, 2022
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Why Does Playing in the Dirt Help You Build a Business Empire?

The majority of individuals are terrible at marketing. Why? They’re overly focused on the broad picture and their end goal (what I refer to as the “clouds”). And I understand – it’s the dream that motivates you. It’s enjoyable to fantasize about clouds. Clouds are something I have a strong belief in. I enjoy fantasizing about the day when I will own the Jet lol. However, the trouble emerges when marketers overlook the other half of the equation: the dirt – the talents, ability, and perseverance required to get there.

This happens all the time with marketers who want to sell using their tried-and-true methods. They become too lazy and complacent to learn how to use a new software or where the market is headed. They believe they are entitled to their clouds just because they have mastered their trade once.

What most people don’t realize is that the dirt is crucial since, unless you have the abilities, neither your reputation nor what you did the day before will keep a firm afloat. You’re only as excellent as your most recent plate appearance. Dirt will determine your success, which will be determined by two factors: (1) your willingness to get your hands dirty and (2) the experience you get from doing so.

Here’s the thing: you’re going to lose if you’re not continually working on your craft — if you get too passionate about doing things the way they’ve “always been done.” You must be an expert in your field.

Consider what happened in 2011 when Snapchat was released. Most marketers and business professionals were either terrified of it or didn’t see it as a marketing platform with any promise. Why? Because there were so many stories about it being a “sexting app” and how “disappearing photos” couldn’t be used to advertise anything. How does a video that is only displayed for 10 seconds compare to a television commercial or a magazine advertisement?

It always fascinates me how television advertising behave in the same way (shows up for a few seconds and then vanishes), but marketers would rather spend millions on television commercials than on Snapchat videos. They were so engrossed in the digital world and fixated on “things lasting forever” that they forgot how to brand themselves. They read the headlines but didn’t take the time to learn how to utilize the app and comprehend the new platform.

So, depending on how long you want to learn how to use Snapchat (or any other skill), it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 years. Most marketers aren’t even putting in a single minute of concentrated effort.

How many of you believe you can be successful without being a practitioner astounds me. I wouldn’t have the audacity to believe that I could come into an unfamiliar industry and succeed right away. Fashion, car sales, whatever it is, I’d probably be terrible at it at first. But, over a five-year period, I am confident that I will be successful since I have invested the time to truly learn by doing. You can’t be successful just by stating it; you must have the ability to learn as well as the willingness to put in the effort.

I like comedians who go to tiny places even when they’re at the top of their game because they practice and hone their skills. Take, for example, Seinfeld or Chris Rock. Despite their popularity, they continue to test new material in local clubs around the United States. There is no glory in this, only skill. That’s real dirt: don’t get too fancy and forget why you’re there in the first place.

The bottom line is that if you want to be a great entrepreneur, you must work hard or you will be left behind by those who do. It entails putting forth the effort to truly grasp and comprehend the latest “fads” and trends. It entails installing whatever new app is causing a stir on the market and spending time learning everything there is to know about it. It may even need devoting a few years to mastering a new talent. You achieve success by being willing to put in the effort and then following through on it. You can reach the clouds by living in the mud.


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Eizu Uwaoma
Eizu Uwaoma







Strategy. Business StartUps and Corporate Restructuring Consulting

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Uwaoma Eizu is the lead strategist at Hexavia! He is a graduate of Mathematics with two MBAs and  a PMP. He also have over a decade of experience working with startups and big businesses. His core is in building startups and in corporate restructuring. He is also a certified member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria and the Project Management Institute, USA. By the side, he writes weekly for the BusinessDay newspaper.

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Strategy. Business StartUps and Corporate Restructuring Consulting

T: 08035202891

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